Year 1: Multiplication and Division Programme of Study (statutory requirements)

It might not seem very much, but a great deal of work is needed to achieve this target.

Multiplication and division

Pupils should be taught to:

•    solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division, by calculating the answer using concrete objects, pictorial representations and arrays with the support of the teacher.

What’s new and comments

Multiplication and division problems including arrays are now included, whilst previously these were expectations for Year 2 onwards.

Doubling small numbers is an important part of this year’s work. Plenty of opportunity should also be given to counting, using 2p, 5p and 10p pieces, both counting up and down. Similar activities can be carried out with pairs of socks, gloves etc. Once again, it is better to use real life objects when beginning to combine groups.

The worksheets should not be introduced until children have had plenty of practical hands on experience with coins and other objects.  Practice should be given at counting up in twos before moving on to fives or tens and can be shown as arrays or number patterns.

Division can be understood in two ways:

1. Sharing equally               e.g. 6 bars of chocolate are shared between 2 people.
How many bars does each person get?

This concept is best introduced with practical apparatus – bowls of sweets, counters, buttons etc. are ideal for sharing into equal groups, and then counting the number in the group.

2. Grouping, or repeated subtraction                     e.g. 8 divided by 2
can be seen as how many lots of two can I take from eight?

Again, this is best done with apparatus at first and it is a slightly different process to sharing equally
(where one item is given to each person in turn).

This can be answered by repeatedly taking two from the pile and then counting how many lots of two have been taken altogether.

We have a great range of resources, not only colourful worksheets, but also maths games covering doubling and halving small numbers, combining groups and sharing.

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