Order of adjectives worksheets

order_of_adjectivesOrder of adjectives worksheets

Much of the grammar we use on a daily basis is second nature to us; we do it correctly without even thinking about it. One such example is the order we use adjectives when putting two or more together to describe something.

‘A white large hat’ sounds odd and indeed is incorrect, because we should order adjectives so that size comes before colour. ‘A large white hat’ sounds much better.

The order can be explained as:


‘An old Dutch painting’ is correct because the age is placed before the origin. (A Dutch old painting sounds odd.)

The above adjectives are all ‘fact’ adjectives; they tell us more buy ambien online canada facts about the noun. But there are also ‘opinion’ adjectives which tell us more about what somebody thinks about something or somebody. These ‘opinion’ adjectives usually come before any of the fact adjectives above.

‘A hot lovely day’ just doesn’t sound right and of course, according to these rules, it should be;
‘A lovely hot day.’

We have just published some great pages explaining all these ideas. Most of it we do without thinking, but it is nevertheless an interesting topic. When doing these pages children will need to be warned that many people think that it is unnecessary to put more than two adjectives in a row!

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