Year 5 weekly programme

Year 5 weekly programmeYear 5 weekly programme

The final six weeks of the year 5 weekly programme are now available and there is plenty of tricky work for these last weeks.

Week 31 takes a look at large numbers, percentages, money problems, graphs and angle, as well as formal written methods of multiplication and subtraction.

Week 32 concentrates on place value, fractions and decimals as well as consolidating work on angle and time. Prime number questions are also included.

Week 33 has a wide range of topics including subtracting fractions, finding the mean and mode, the area of shapes and Roman numerals.

Week 34 is very much about number, with pages on mentally adding decimals, solving subtraction puzzles, practice for 4 rules and percentages. As a contrast there is also work on interpreting line graphs.

Week 35 is bringing us close to the end of term and targets some of the harder maths to be covered in year 5, including percentages, area, fractions and problem solving.

Finally, Week 36 finishes the year with pages on percentages, timetables, multistep word problems, fractions and a jolly number investigation.

Of course, all these resources and many, many more can be found within the Year 5 category and we recommend going to these for further practice if any problems arise.

Please note we will shortly be taking down all the weekly programmes apart from this last half term so that we can review them and update if necessary for the next school year.

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