Fractions, money and improving sentences all new this week.

 We have published a wide range of new resources over the past two weeks. Our fraction pages for Years 1, 3 and 5 illustrate the challenges that children now need to meet and we also have new pages on money in Year 4, negative numbers in Year 6 as well as some great English Grammar pages on improving sentences using adjectives and adverbs.

Year 1: Fractions
New for Year 1: 8 bright and colourful sets of worksheets covering all aspects of fractions in Year 1. Well worth a look.
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Year 3: Fractions
Our latest pages on adding and subtracting fractions and equivalent fractions. Superb for helping children understand these difficult concepts.
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Year 4: Money
Plenty of illustrations help to make it easy to write pounds and pence correctly using a decimal point. New this week.
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Year 5: Fractions
Further pages on a really tricky subject: partitioning tenths, hundredths and thousandths, as well as reasoning and problem solving activities.
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Year 6: Negative numbers
Our most recent Year 6 resources can really help with understanding how to add and subtract negative numbers.
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English: Improving Sentences
Making sentences more interesting using adjectives and adverbs is the theme of our latest set of English Grammar pages.
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