Summer Time and Easter

Summer Time and EasterSummer Time and Easter

The clocks have gone forward and Easter is just around the corner! What better time to remind you of our great Easter maths worksheets which are completely free (they don’t count towards credits used, either as a member or whilst on trial.)
The first sets of fun worksheets for younger children include counting two sets of objects, and counting in threes, both with an Easter egg theme.

Our Easter shopping worksheets have proved to be a particular favourite, including 5p off eggs and a £6 to spend investigation. Further sets of Easter shopping questions look at adding multiples of 10p, as well as finding the change from £2, as a combination of Easter chicks, bunnies and eggs are bought.

Continuing with the chocolate theme, bars of chocolate are a good way to explain simple fractions and pairs of fractions which add up to 1.

We complete our Easter collection with two sets of worksheets on position and co-ordinates. Children often have difficulty remembering which way round to write co-ordinates. For example (3, 4) means 3 along and 4 up. I used to remember it by saying ‘Along the corridor and up the stairs’ but there are lots of other mnemonics which can be used for this!

Remember, all these can be freely printed and do not count as part of your 5 free sets of worksheets whilst on a trial.

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