Year 6: On-screen Addition Activities

Year 6: On-screen Addition Activities
Over the next few months we will be adding a considerable number of new on-screen activities for Years 5 and 6. These activities are superb as they each provide unlimited practice for one particular key skill; children can play the activities again and again until they master the skill, achieving full marks in a short period of time. For the teacher they are ideal for assessment as most of the activities have an option to print the marked answers that the child has given. These marked sheets show exactly what the child has inputted, making it easy to see where any errors are occurring and extra help needed.
This week we have published 5 challenging activities on the following topics:
• Add three multiples of 10,000
• Add 4-digit multiples of 100
• Add 5-digit multiples of 1,000
• Double 5-digit multiples of 1,000
• Decimals that total 1 (3dp)
These will be a real challenge for many children in Year 6.
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