Year 1 Addition

For many schools this is the time of year to really get stuck into addition and subtraction, especially so in Year 1 when there is a great deal to cover. At first addition can be seen as counting on, using real objects, such as having six counters and adding a further three. This might seem straightforward to us but look out for several common misunderstandings, as described below.

  1. Children who go back to counting all the objects. When adding further objects they revert back to counting from one again. This makes the addition very slow to complete.
  2. Children who include the first number when counting on. For example: 6 + 3 saying six, seven, eight.
  3. Children not realising that it is easier to start with the larger number when counting on.
    We have a great selection of worksheets on addition and counting on and have just published two new fun pages for games using spots on ladybirds and leopards.
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