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New Reading Assessment

If your child is in year 1 then you may well have heard about the new reading assessment that will be carried out during June of this year. It is called the Phonic Screening Check Assessment. This is certainly nothing to worry about as it is designed to see if children have the skills of […]

Happy Christmas from URBrainy

I hope you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas this year. To help get into the spirit we are launching a special offer here at URBrainy. You can get 18 months for the price of 12! That’s a whole 6 months extra free on our already discounted yearly rate. You can subscribe for just […]

2011 Paper B

KS2 Maths SAT Papers

Next May our Year 6 children will be taking the Maths SAT Papers and now is the perfect time to start thinking about how they can achieve the best possible result. To help with this we have just published the Maths SAT Papers A and B for the last two years: 2010 and 2011. They […]

Year 4 Subtraction Games

To add to our addition games, we have nw released a set of subtraction games for you to enjoy. There are 24 great new mental maths games on subtraction for children aged between 8 and 9 (that’s year 4 in the UK).  To make it a little easier to find the one you would like […]

Year 4 Addition Games

We are very excited to release the first set in a series of year 4 mental maths games. We have just added 27 great new mental maths games on addition for children aged between 8 and 9 (that’s year 4 in the UK).  To make it a little easier to find the one you would […]

New Year 3 Maths Games

Great news! We have just launched our next set of fantastic maths games and activities for year 3. There are now four new categories, with over 30 separate activities. The important point about these games is that each one focuses on one key mathematical concept, which can be practised time and again, until it becomes […]

Year 6 Maths Worksheets

This week we welcome the arrival of our Year 6 maths worksheets, covering all aspects of Number, Shape, Measures and Handling Data. With nearly 600 pages of questions and answers, this is a superb collection of resources for the oldest children in Primary School and much of the work is very challenging. The worksheets are […]

Achieving level 2 – Shape

To achieve level 2 children need to be well acquainted with both 2-D and 3-D shapes. This includes: Identifying and describing 2-D shapes such as squares, triangles, circles, pentagons and hexagons. They will be able to talk about how the number of sides and corners helps to identify the shapes. Exploring 3-D shapes and the […]

Year 5 Maths Worksheets

We have now launched a superb set of maths worksheets for Year 5 children, covering all aspects of maths at this age (9/10 yrs old). As there is so much to cover in this year group we have divided them up into categories and there is a brief summary of each category below: Counting and […]

Addition Games for Year 3

We are excited to be publishing our latest set of addition games and activities for Year 3. We have a whole range of activities, one of my favourites being the fishing game which focuses on what must be added to make the next whole hundred. There is so much to learn in Year 3 that […]