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Year 6 Multiplication Activities

New multiplication activities are now available for multiplication in Year 6, covering:• multiplying 6-digit multiples of 100• doubling multiples of 10,000 by a single digit• doubling decimals (2 decimal places)• multiplying decimal fractions by a single digitAll involving fast accurate mental arithmetic skills, these will be quite a challenge.Go to Maths Games Year 6 Multiplication

Year 4 Mental Multiplication

Whilst learning multiplication tables is a key part of work in Year 4 there is much more to do to reach all the National Curriculum targets, one of which is:to use place value, known and derived facts to multiply and divide mentally.This simply means children should use their skills and the facts they know to […]

Year 3 Money

Solving problems written in words is an important part of maths and one that we are often asked about. We have a wide selection across all year groups and this week we have published two new sets on money word problems, involving addition and subtraction, suitable for Year 3.A typical question on money is:‘A packet […]

Year 2 Time

Learning about time is crucial in Year 2 (age 6-7) and we have a separate category devoted to it. Children should enter the year familiar with an analogue clock face and being able to read the time using a clock face to the hour and to the half hour. They should also be familiar with […]


We have an excellent selection of worksheets on adjectives ranging from recognising adjectives as describing words in Year 2 to using comparative and superlative adjectives and adjectival clauses for older year groups. Our latest set looks at using the suffix LESS to change nouns into adjectives. For example, the noun ‘spot’ becomes ‘spotless’, ‘wire’ becomes […]

Algebra in Year 6

Children will probably come across algebra and formulae for the first time in Year 6. The National Curriculum states that:Pupils should be taught to:• use simple formulae• generate and describe linear number sequences• express missing number problems algebraically• find pairs of numbers that satisfy an equation with 2 unknowns• enumerate possibilities of combinations of 2 […]

Year 5 Fractions

Year 5 FractionsSix great new sets of fraction worksheets for Year 5 have been published this week. The first looks at making fractions by dividing, showing this visually using bars of chocolate and toffee bars, before going on to write divisions as fractions in their simplest form. Relating fractions to division is one of the […]

Year 4 Division Activities

An excellent way to see how well children have learned and understood multiplication tables is to try answering division questions. If knowledge of multiplication tables is firmly established then a question such as 48 divided by 6 will be answered very quickly.We have just added an excellent selection of division activities to our Year 4 […]

Year 6 Number Activities

We have just updated our Year 6 Number games to include three new resources on working with numbers in the millions and rounding to the nearest million. Great for unlimited practice to help with becoming confident working with large numbers. Go to Year 6 Number

Year 5 Converting Measurements

Converting measurements is an important part of Year 5 work covering both conversions within the metric system (eg millimetres to centimetres) and conversions between the metric and imperial systems (eg litres to pints). In this confusing world we have many adults and young people who still speak in imperial, whether it is their height, their […]