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Year 4: Finding Missing Values

Year 4: Finding Missing Values Would you like to introduce algebra in a fun, jolly way? If so, take a look at our latest Year 4 pages on finding the missing values. Different ‘ratty characters’ have values which need to be worked out by dividing and then combining with other values to find the final […]

Reasoning problems in Year 3

Reasoning problems in Year 3 We have more requests for word problems/real life problems than any other area of maths and we have been really concentrating on these over the last few months. Our latest sets for Year 3 challenge children to work out the costs of buying tickets, clothes etc. taking advantage of various […]

Year 5 Addition of decimals

Year 5 Addition of decimals The key to adding decimal fractions is to ensure that the decimal point lines up so that the tenths are in line, as well as the ones, tens etc. Using squared paper is also a great help with keeping each column in line. This type of question is very popular […]

Year 4 Multiple exchanges when adding

Year 4 Multiple exchanges when adding Allowing children to try and explain what is happening is a crucial part of learning and we have just published an interesting addition problem which involves children trying to explain ‘multiple exchanges’. This happens in an addition question where the ones add up to ten and the tens add […]

More on conjunctions

More on conjunctions Conjunctions form an important part of the new primary curriculum and we have just published two excellent sets suitable for middle primary children. The first looks at because, so and so that; known as conjunctions of cause or reason. These words introduce the reason for an event. e.g. The road was blocked […]

Year 2 Mastery of Number

Year 2 Mastery of Number Bar modelling is a very powerful strategy as it allows children to visualise maths concepts to solve problems. More and more teachers are using this approach. We have just published a new set of worksheets using bar modelling to help with understanding tens and ones. Our second new set of […]

KS2 SATs Algebra

KS2 SATs Algebra It is getting very close to this year’s KS2 SATs for Year 6 children but a little last-minute work can make quite a difference to overall marks. Why not take a quick look at our latest algebra pages, very similar to those found on previous papers and certainly some of the harder […]

Direct and Indirect Speech

Direct and Indirect Speech The famous fable, ‘The Wolf and the Lamb’ is the subject of our latest English worksheets, suitable for KS2. There are two parts to this work. The first has the tale written in indirect speech and children are asked to rewrite it in direct speech. For those who are competent with […]

Mesolithic Britain

Mesolithic Britain Imagine a world with no cities, no shopping centres, no T.V. or internet, not even schools, paper or pencils. Welcome to our latest sets of worksheets on Prehistoric Britain. Our brand new sets of worksheets look at the Mesolithic era, or middle stone age period, from around 10 000 BC to about 4 […]