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Year 6: On-screen Addition Activities

Year 6: On-screen Addition ActivitiesOver the next few months we will be adding a considerable number of new on-screen activities for Years 5 and 6. These activities are superb as they each provide unlimited practice for one particular key skill; children can play the activities again and again until they master the skill, achieving full […]

Year 6 Subtraction

Year 6 SubtractionBy Year 6 children are expected to be able to deal with very large numbers including millions. We have two new sets of pages published this week. One deals with using the formal written method to subtract 7-digit numbers – squared paper is really useful for this. The second set looks at missing […]

Year 5 Mental Subtraction

Year 5 Mental SubtractionThere are many ways that children can improve their mental arithmetic skills and in Year 5 one of those ways is to subtract by counting back, especially when it requires crossing a thousands boundary. For example, 4230 take away 400 can be done by counting back 100 to 4130, then another 100 […]

Year 3 Counting

Year 3 CountingIt is in Year 3 that children really begin exploring numbers in the hundreds. It is important that they understand that a hundred is made up of ten tens before moving onto a thousand being made up of ten hundreds and counting in hundreds up to one thousand.Base ten blocks are a great […]

Year 2: Reasoning and Problem Solving

Year 2: Reasoning and Problem SolvingThankfully, we have always considered reasoning to be a key part of the maths curriculum and many of our resources in all categories are designed for this. But there is a category in each year group called, ‘Reasoning and Problem Solving’ where you will find a rich source of material.For […]

Writing numbers in Reception

Writing numbers in ReceptionLarge number cards are extremely valuable in Reception for many activities including for children to hold up to show what number has been said, tracing the correct formation with a finger, counting on and recognising amounts, as well as for display. We have just published a new set of number cards which […]

Years 1, 2 and 3 Maths Mastery for Summer Term

Years 1, 2 and 3 Maths Mastery for Summer Term Maths Mastery: Summer TermA reminder that we have a tremendous collection of resources to complete the second half of the summer term for maths mastery in Years 1, 2 and 3. These are support materials taken from our main categories chosen to help those teachers […]

Year 4 Maths Mastery for Summer Term

Year 4 Maths Mastery for Summer TermThe support materials for the second half of the summer term for Maths Mastery in Year 4 are now available, completing the year’s work. The topics are:• Geometry: properties of shapesRecognising acute and obtuse angles, comparing the size of angles and classifying 4-sided shapes are all part the year […]

Year 5 Mental Addition

Year 5 Mental AdditionChildren need plenty of practice at adding larger numbers mentally. This often involves adding multiples of 1,000 or even 10,000 to 5 or 6-digit numbers. When working with such large numbers it is easy to make errors or read the number incorrectly. We have just added further sets of pages on this […]

Year 4: Solving problems

Year 4: Solving problemsPlanting vegetables and gardening have been very popular activities over the last few weeks for many lucky children with gardens at home, and we are pleased to add some great problem solving pages on planting flowers, bulbs and seeds for Year 4. The instructions on the pack have to be followed to […]