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Counting and Matching in Early Reception

Counting and Matching in Early Reception Birds and worms, spiders and webs and much more! Reception teachers are often telling us that there can never be too many resources for very young children and we are delighted to be adding some lovely colourful pages to our Counting and Matching category. This is a crucial part […]

Partitioning in Year 4

Partitioning in Year 4 Partitioning numbers is an important part of the new maths curriculum. In Year 4 children will be expected to partition numbers in the thousands into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. For example: 4 560 can be written as 456 tens; 45 hundreds and 6 tens; 4 thousands and 56 tens and […]

Problem Solving in Year 2

Problem Solving in Year 2 Our Reasoning/Problem Solving categories are some of our most popular and we are continuing to develop more resources in all year groups. This week we have plenty of new sets of worksheets to help with Reasoning for Year 2. These include finding missing digits and signs in number sentences, solving […]

Algebra in KS2 SATs

Algebra in KS2 SATs There was a very poorly written question in last year’s SAT Paper regarding algebra and cooking times. The time for cooking meat was shown in terms of a number of minutes per kilo plus some extra time, but not in the usual way. This led to some confusion. However, we have […]

Christmas worksheets

Christmas worksheets How important is it to keep children’s interest in maths as high as possible? Obviously very important, especially at a time such as Christmas when there are so many distractions and the timetable is inevitably manipulated to fit in the extra activities. A high priority for us when writing maths worksheets is to […]

Counting in Year 1

Counting in Year 1 New this week are sets of beautifully illustrated worksheets on counting on in tens, completing number lines and finding missing numbers in number sentences, all for Year 1 children. With over 60 sets of worksheets, most containing 4 pages each, this must surely be one of the best, if not the […]

Year 6 Place Value

Year 6 Place Value New this week are two sets of worksheets on place value with decimal numbers for older children. The first looks at writing the value of a digit in a number as a decimal, a fraction and in words. The second takes a close look at decimals, including thousandths as well as […]

Writing more complex sentences

Writing more complex sentences A great collection of pages has just been added to help children write more complex and interesting sentences. Starting by simply adding adjectives and adverbs, we move on to expanding sentences using, ‘who, what, when, where and why’ to write really imaginative sentences. Finally, we have a great set of worksheets […]

Written Methods of Calculating in Year 4

Written Methods of Calculating in Year 4 Once children have understood the formal written methods of calculating they still need plenty of practice in order to work quickly and accurately. Our latest sets of worksheets for Year 4 are ideal for this, keeping the numbers reasonably small and providing squared paper to work on. There […]

Year 3 Reasoning

Year 3 Reasoning The Reasoning categories are some of my favourite resources as they are all about putting mathematical knowledge and understanding to good use. Our latest resources for Year 3 Reasoning and Problem Solving include place value, number facts and money but there is a wealth of other material there and well worth a […]