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Resource of the Week: Number Lines

We have a great selection of resources in the Member’s Area including pages of printable number lines, used extensively in school. These can be from 0 to 9, 1 to 10, 10 to 100 and many others. Number lines can be used in many ways to help your child to count, do addition as well […]

What’s New: Using 2D shape (4)

This is the next in our series of 2D shape sets of maths worksheets. In this set we look at recognising circles, triangles and squares and there is a great challenge to complete: draw a train using just rectangles, circles and squares. If you have plastic shapes available this could really be of help in […]

Resource of the Week: Maths Worksheets on Using the + Sign

This is just one of fifteen superb sets of worksheets on addition to be found in the Going Along section. Each set contains four pages.This set aims to make your child familiar with the add sign whilst still working with small numbers. The teddies have all the correct answers: just join the sum to the […]

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Resource of the Week: Maths Game on Counting

What better way to improve your child’s counting up to ten than playing this fun game? Just count up the goats and click on the correct answer. After 5 correct answers a reward arrives – and don’t forget to click on the banjo playing goat at the end; especially if you need cheering up! This […]

What’s New: Measurement, longer and shorter

Whether it is snakes, ladders or trousers, there are plenty of opportunities on these worksheets to use the language of measurement, in this case, longer and shorter. Being able to correctly compare different lengths is vital before actual measurement using standard units is introduced later. Use these pages as a starting point for comparing lengths […]

Resource of the Week: Maths Worksheets on Money

Like all young children, your child will need plenty of practice working with money, at first just with 1p and 2p coins, then with 5p and 10p coins. The best way to do this is to use real coins although it is possible to buy sets of card coins. (Often 100 card pennies costs more […]

Extra resources: Blank clock faces

As suggested by several of our members, including Anne and Bev, here are two pages of blank clock faces. These are ideal for helping with telling the time. Remember, with young children, start by just showing the time to the whole hour and then move on to showing half hours. Ask your child what time […]

What’s New? Maths Worksheets on Adding 3 Numbers

This is the second set of maths worksheets on adding 3 small numbers. These are harder and need a different approach to the first set because a number has to be put in to make the number sentences correct. For example 2 + ? + 7 = 13 There are a number of different ways […]

Read the time to the half hour.

Anne from Grimsby and Bev from Aldershot have both asked if we could make some more pages on time. So it was straight down to the depths of the creative pool where our turtles leapt at the chance of coming up with some more time worksheets. Here we have four worksheets on reading the time […]

Resource of the Week: Maths Worksheets on Writing Numbers as Digits

We all know adults who write numbers in weird and wonderful ways, which often makes the numbers difficult to read. It’s vital that your child learns the correct way to form his or her numbers, where to start, and in which direction to move the pencil. There are only ten digits to learn to be […]

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