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Counting up to 5: Cheeky Gorillas

This is a sample sets of worksheets in pdf format to give you an idea of the range of material available, but don’t forget, it is just as easy to sign up for a three day free trial and browse and use everything that we have for your child. Here we have an example from […]

What’s new: Using 2D shape (2)

A great set of four worksheets helping with recognising rectangles, triangles and circles. It’s a help to have some templates of these shapes handy to draw round and create fun pictures of your own. The robot on page 4 is a good example of what can be produced. Talk about the shapes and the properties […]

Resource of the week: Maths worksheets on matching hats

There are some nifty hats and some pretty awful hats amongst these maths worksheets on matching sets of objects. The worksheets will help your child with counting up to 9, but they might not prove as easy as they look. Unlike earlier pages the number of hats can not necessarily be identified without counting.  It […]

What’s new: Abacus for Recognising Numbers up to 99

An abacus is a counting frame and has been used extensively throughout Asia and Africa to help with calculating. It is an excellent resource for helping your child understand 2-digit numbers up to 99. It shows clearly the two columns, the units and the tens. In other words the 2 yellow balls in the tens […]

Resource of the Week: Beginning to Count

This resource of the Week is for the really early starters with maths who have learnt to say the numbers up to 5. These great, coloured pages will help your child to count up to 5 and become confident with small numbers. Enjoy counting and colouring the apples, as well as the other sets on […]

What’s new: Count on 3, 4, 5 or 6

A nice, easy introduction to our brand new Superbrain section with these worksheets on counting on 3, 4, 5 or 6 from a single digit. By now your children will probably be confident enough to give some of the answers without counting on. This means that they are beginning to learn the answers to ‘number […]

Resource of the week: Matching Numbers

The very earliest work with number is incredibly important and here we have a set of worksheets which helps with recognising the numbers from 1 to 5. Your child will need a set of crayons so that a line can be drawn between each pair of chicks with the same number and the baby chicks […]

What’s new: Recognising rectangles, squares, circles and triangles

The first in another new section of resources on 2-D shape. Here we have some great pages which will help your young child to recognise 2-D shapes. Your child should be able to recognise four basic shapes: circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. These maths worksheets have plenty of interesting pictures just made up of these […]

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