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Mother’s Day worksheets

Mother’s Day worksheets It is always a good idea to have work which is topical and we are fast approaching Sunday 11th March, which is Mother’s Day. Over the last few decades Mother’s Day has become very commercial, especially for card manufacturers and flower sellers. However, this was not always the case. The ancient Greeks […]

Adverbs: a fun introduction

Adverbs: a fun introduction Teachers are expected to introduce adverbs in Year 2, to children aged 6/7. Most adverbs used at this age will be adverbs of manner, which describe how a verb is done. It is also important to keep the language simple and the activities fun, which is just what our latest set […]

Year 4 Reasoning About Number

Year 4 Reasoning About Number Reasoning in Mathematics is the in-phrase at the moment and we have just published some great resources for Year 4 children. These concentrate on reasoning about number and working with thousands. When first encountering a new problem children need to make use of the knowledge they already have to help […]

Year 3 Subtraction

Year 3 Subtraction A question such as 102 – 95 is quite tricky to do on paper, but children should see that it is much easier to do mentally, using addition to work out the answer. By Year 3 they should know all the pairs of numbers that make ten so starting with 95 add […]

Time Questions in the SAT Papers

Time Questions in the SAT Papers The SAT tests can be a worrying time for children and parents, but with our superb collection of revision materials there is every opportunity to do really well, and remember, the test has many questions from the year 4 and 5 programmes of study. Our latest pages look at […]

Year 2 Addition

Year 2 Addition Further worksheets on adding to make the next whole ten and finding pairs of numbers that make 20 have just been published in the Year 2 Addition category. It is important that children discover the most efficient strategy for mental addition and in both these cases counting on is the best to […]

More on hyphens

More on hyphens Since publishing our first sets of worksheets on hyphens we have had several requests for even more, and here they are! Our latest sets look at hyphens as suffixes and as prefixes. Often these are used to stop confusion in meaning, but there are some other instances of when they should be […]

KS2 SAT Practice

KS2 SAT Practice: missing numbers on a multiplication grid A real favourite with the KS2 SAT writers is to show part of a multiplication square (or grid) with missing numbers. If a child has not come across this style of question before it can be rather puzzling, but as with most things, a little practice […]

Counting on and back for young children

Counting on and back for young children Our counting on and back worksheets are just the job to ensure that children get plenty of practice with small numbers. We have recently published four new sets featuring penguins, ships, trains and milk bottles. If you have young children who are beginning to learn to count, our […]

Resources for Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day

Resources for Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day Why not add a topical twist to your maths lessons by using our Valentine’s Day worksheets? We have a fun selection of maths worksheets, all with a Valentine’s Day theme, absolutely free. For younger children our worksheets include counting hearts in twos, and some hearty addition and subtraction […]