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Year 4 Multiplication

Year 4 Multiplication An interesting Year 4 set of worksheets on multiplication has just been published. Numbers on digit cards are shown and children are asked to find all the possible combinations of 2-digit numbers multiplied by 1-digit. Once this has been completed there are further questions such as finding the totals of the highest […]

Year 1 doubling small numbers

Year 1 doubling small numbers Children who are good at maths have memorised a lot of facts. There are two ways of doing this, by understanding or by rote learning. It is important in Year 1 that children begin to know the doubles of small numbers. Committing doubling facts to memory allows a child to […]

Year 2 Measurement

Year 2 Measurement In Year 2 children will measure using centimetres but they will also begin to measure larger objects using metres, perhaps with a metre stick. When measuring it is important to use the most suitable unit; for example, when it would be sensible to measure in metres rather than cm and what would […]

Maths mastery: exciting new resources

Maths mastery: exciting new resources Fantastic news for all those using a maths mastery approach: new resources for the first half of the spring term are now available for Years 1, 2 and 3. In Year 1 we progress on to adding and subtracting up to 20 followed by number and place value work within […]

New on-screen activities for Years 1, 2 and 3

New on-screen activities for Years 1, 2 and 3 Great news! We have just published more new sets of fabulous on-screen activities for Years 1, 2 and 3. The Year 1 activities concentrate on addition and subtraction of numbers up to 20, building on our earlier activities with numbers up to 10. Graphics, to help […]

Less familiar multiplication targets in Year 5

Less familiar multiplication targets in Year 5 The National Curriculum targets for multiplication in Year 5 are lengthy and challenging. Obviously, there are targets on mental and written multiplication, such as multiplying numbers up to 4-digits by a 2-digit number, but there are also some less familiar targets which I would like to look at […]

2019 New Year Resources

2019 New Year Resources Happy New Year everyone! Whilst it is a good time to reflect on the past year it is also an excellent time to look forward to the future. Our fabulous New Year worksheets, including some excellent resources on New Year’s Resolutions, are now all available absolutely free for anyone on a […]

Year 3 Multiplication

Year 3 Multiplication Base 10 blocks are an interesting way to show multiplication and help children see exactly what is going on and that multiplication is simply repeated addition. Place value tables are another way to show what is happening when we multiply. We have just published sets of worksheets using both of these ideas, […]

KS2 Arithmetic Paper Practice

KS2 Arithmetic Paper Practice We have spent a considerable amount of time analysing past Arithmetic Papers and it is apparent that certain types of questions keep re-appearing. The questions found on our practice worksheets are all relevant and in the style of the Arithmetic Paper itself. They give children the opportunity to consolidate and raise […]

Christmas worksheets

Christmas worksheets The maths curriculum is designed to go right through the autumn term to Christmas, but by December teachers are often heavily engaged in Christmas activities, plays, carol concerts etc. There are so many distractions and the timetable is inevitably manipulated to fit in these extra activities. A high priority for us when writing […]