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Year 1 Reasoning: maths mastery

Year 1 Reasoning: maths mastery For those who teach or have children following the mastery programmes then our Year 1 Reasoning category is a superb resource. Our latest sets of worksheets look at reasoning and problem solving with a small amount of money: just 10p. For the ‘10p to spend’ questions there are a number […]

The Bronte Sisters: comprehensions

The Bronte Sisters: comprehensions Three books from three sisters are the topics of our latest sets of comprehension worksheets: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte. 30th July 2018 is the two hundredth anniversary of Emily Bronte’s birth and our worksheets are a […]

Year 4: Counting in Multiples of 6

Year 4: Counting in Multiples of 6 We have just published some tricky worksheets on counting in multiples of 6 using numbers in the thousands. Children will need to use their knowledge of the 6 times table to fill in the boxes, increasing the number by 6 each time. There are several sets of these […]

Year 2: Making Resources Easier to Find

Year 2: Making Resources Easier to Find After some very positive feedback about our Year 1 sub categories we have introduced this for our larger categories in Year 2, which we hope will make it easier for you to find exactly what you need. For example, if you are looking specifically for worksheets on bar […]

Year 1 Addition

Year 1 Addition Here are some brand new worksheets we have written on part whole models. You may not have come across these before, they are designed to show children that numbers can be partitioned into parts. For example: a collection of birds is made up of 2 buy cheap ambien no prescription blue tits […]

Using Adverbs with Speech

Using Adverbs with Speech Adverbs are the subject of our latest set of fantastic English worksheets. This set concentrates on using adverbs with speech and the verb ‘said’. Children can choose an appropriate adverb from our list to make more descriptive sentences, for example: “I think I know something you don’t,” said the wizard mysteriously. […]

Negative numbers in Year 5

Negative numbers in Year 5 We have just added a further set of worksheets on negative numbers for Year 5 children. Our previous sets concentrate on recognising and ordering negative numbers. This new set takes this on a further stage where numbers are added or subtracted from negative numbers’ including finding the difference between a […]

Units or ones?

Units or ones? For many years children were taught about hundreds, tens and units (HTU) and our worksheets used this layout at the top of columns when adding or subtracting. However, in the latest Mathematics Programme of Study the term ‘ones’ is used in place of units. This has subsequently led to some debate about […]

Year 4: Using Mixed Units

Year 4: Using Mixed Units Some fun and challenging work for Year 4 children working with mixed units. Each line has to add up to the same total, but the units of measurement are mixed; they might be given in kilograms and grams or litres and millilitres. The key here is to be able to […]

Year 1 Maths: Making Resources Easier to Find

Year 1: Making Resources Easier to Find Many of our categories contain a large number of resources and to make it easier to find exactly what you want we have started to arrange them into sub-categories. The first of these is Counting in Year 1 which has over 80 sets of worksheets. For example, if […]