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What’s new: Measurement worksheets on tall and short

It is quite hard to find maths worksheets on anything other than number, but here we have four pages which look at the early stages of measurement, in particular the use of tall and short. Young children will not be using standard units of measurement, such as centimetres, but they will buy ambien ativan need […]

Resource of the Week: Maths Game on Addition

Another of our fun on-line maths games to help your child with adding up, using numbers up to 5. Here our clever gorillas are having a go at skateboarding. Slide the skateboard to the gorilla with the right sum. Many children prefer this kind of activity to working on paper; but not all! This is […]

Bonus worksheets: Multiplication word problems

Multiplication word problems This set of worksheets looks at multiplication word problems taken from real life situations. All the questions can be answered if the 2x, 5x and 10x tables are known. There are picture illustrations on the first couple of pages to help. Some children may use these to count up in twos, fives […]

What’s New: Counting patterns

Maths is all to do with pattern, whether it is shape or number. This week we have published a set of four worksheets on the patterns patterns made on a number square when counting on in threes, fours and fives. These pages can be found in our Counting and Number section of the Superbrain link. […]

Coming Soon: Our Great Farmyard Multiplication Game!

It may have been quiet on the site recently, but that is because we have all been far too busy playing our latest Multiplication game, seeing who can get the best scores for each animal! (Well, we have also been testing to make sure it all works properly!) Set in a farmyard there are five […]

Resource of the Week: Maths Worksheets for Bonfire Night

Some great fun pages for your child to lighten up the dark November evenings. Let’s remember the 5th of November! Sparklers and rockets provide the theme for some extra maths. This is just one of a fantastic range of fun  maths activities which will quickly help your child become confident with number and enjoy their […]

What’s New: Multiplication in any order

Brand new this week is a set of pages on multiplication for our Superbrains! A vital part of understanding the process of multiplication is to know that it can be done in any order. This is also true of addition, but not of subtraction or division. These pages explain that ‘2 lots of 3’ is […]

What’s New: Ten Times Table

Here we have another in our series on multiplication and tables. This time we are looking at the ten times table. This is often thought of as the easiest table as the digits don’t change, but don’t get caught in the trap of telling your child that you ‘just add a nought’to multiply by ten. […]

Resource of the Week: Maths Worksheets on Using an Abacus

Many people may think this is a thing of the past, but the abacus is a great way to show your child how tens and units work and it is still used extensively in China where their mathematical prowess is renowned. This is just one of a fantastic range of fun  maths activities which will […]

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What’s New: Two, five and ten times tables

Practice makes perfect, and this set of multiplication pages gives loads of practice for the 2x, 5x and 10x tables. This is the first time we have introduced the idea of filling in a multiplication grid, multiplying the numbers across and down to fill in the grid. The first time children come across this they […]