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Units or ones?

Units or ones? For many years children were taught about hundreds, tens and units (HTU) and our worksheets used this layout at the top of columns when adding or subtracting. However, in the latest Mathematics Programme of Study the term ‘ones’ is used in place of units. This has subsequently led to some debate about […]

Year 5 Weekly Programme

Year 5 Weekly Programme The next 6 weeks of the Year 5 Weekly Programme has been eagerly anticipated by those who are looking for a short package of material covering all the major topics for maths in Year 5, and now it is here! Week 19 takes a hard look at mental arithmetic and the […]

Real help for the KS1 SAT tests

Real help for the KS1 SAT tests We have had may requests over the last year for resources specifically aimed at helping children with the KS1 SATs. Last week we published the most recent KS1 SAT Papers themselves and this week we have produced the first set in a fantastic series of worksheets which give […]

Year 6 maths games with a calculator

Year 6 maths games with a calculator Getting children to use a calculator efficiently and accurately has been more or less dismissed by the latest curriculum, but we believe that it is vitally important that children know how and when to use a calculator rather than mental or written methods. Checking answers is one such. […]

Word lists for the programme of study, years 5-6

Word lists for the programme of study, years 5-6 We are pleased to announce that we have just completed the final two sets of activities for the year 5 to 6 words which are a statutory part of the English programme of study. There are some quite tricky words in these lists, such as rhythm […]

Year 6 past SAT papers

Year 6 past SAT papers One of the best ways to revise for the Year 6 SATs is to go through past papers. This familiarises children with both the layout and type of question. We have an excellent selection of past papers, with answers, and have just published last year’s (2014) test papers. All these […]

Year 4 multiplication

Year 4 multiplication updates Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 are fundamental ideas in arithmetic. These ideas will eventually be used in work involving negative numbers, positive numbers, decimals and percentages, so it is very important to master them early on. Never say ‘to multiply by ten we add a nought’. This idea certainly works […]

Easter worksheets

Easter worksheets With the clocks going forward an hour next weekend we can all enjoy lighter evenings and a lovely spring. The Easter holidays also start soon and with this in mind we would like to make all our great Easter worksheets completely free. These fun worksheets give a chance to link the maths being […]

Order of adjectives worksheets

Order of adjectives worksheets Much of the grammar we use on a daily basis is second nature to us; we do it correctly without even thinking about it. One such example is the order we use adjectives when putting two or more together to describe something. ‘A white large hat’ sounds odd and indeed is […]

Year 2 weekly programme updated

Year 2 weekly programme updated Our weekly programmes have proved to be very popular and we are pleased to announce that we have just updated the Year 2 Programme, including extra pages to meet the requirements of the new 2014/15 curriculum. The weekly programme makes selecting the maths for the week so much easier and […]