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New Site Now Live

Well after lots of testing, the new site is now live. Hopefully there are no problems, but as ever with big changes we have probably missed something. If you do stumble across something that’s not right, please contact us and let us know. This version of the site has been reworked to speed everything up. We have also […]

Next Version Of

Over the next few day/weeks we will be rolling out a great new version of We have been working hard to improve on many areas, but mainly the navigation of the site. If you have any problems cheap ambien sleep accessing the site please bear with us as we finalise the change over. We […]

Year 2 maths resources: Week 5

Don’t forget that each of our weekly maths resources for Year 2 contains four great sets of mental arithmetic questions. Also this week are superb worksheets on: solving problems involving shape and money recalling addition facts recalling multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables visualising 3D shapes subtracting from whole tens sorting […]

Hands up or down?

In the classroom there seem to be two types of child: one type that always has a hand up to answer a question; and the other type that avoids eye contact and doesn’t answer out loud. Which type is your child? For teachers, it is much easier for the lesson to flow if she keeps […]

Fascinating dates!

Coming up tomorrow is another of those fascinating dates that mathematicians love. No, not the kind of date you have with your boy/girl friend, but the date, date type. At the sixth second of the seventh minute of the eighth hour of October 2010 the date will be: or it can be written as […]

URBrainy Site Changes

We have some exciting changes coming very soon to the URBrainy site. We have been working hard to make the site even easier to use and more useful. New users to the site will be able to get a free trial with a number or print credits allowing them to sample the worksheets that they […]

What are Dyscalculia and Dyslexia?

Dyscalculia and Dyslexia! Two tricky words to spell, but they could be part of the reason why your child has turned off maths, even at an early age. Sometimes the problems our children have with maths seem almost inexplicable and it can be very  frustrating as an adult trying to help a child who just […]

Year 1 weekly resources: Time, money, addition and subtraction

Here is the very latest collection of printable resources to match the Primary Framework Year 1, Block D, Unit 3 plans. It’s time to learn the order of months of the year. Children will be quite knowledgeable about some months, such as their birthday month but not so confident with others. We have some great […]

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Got an iPhone? Get our new multiplication game

Get our fantastic new iPhone app. Practice your tables and get really fast with this great app. Practice any table from 1 to 12 Challenge yourself to see how many correct answers you can get See if you can beat your highscore! The app is available in the app store now.

Resource Browser Update

We have been working hard to make the resource browser more user friendly. This latest update adds bigger previews of the worksheets while you are browsing and also tells you the number of pages included. Please try it out and tell us what you think, just email us at: