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Year 3 Shape Concepts

A brief summary of some of the most important maths concepts to be taught in Year 3. 1. 3-D and 2-D shape Children should understand and begin to write, the following words: shape, pattern, flat, solid, hollow, side, edge, face, straight, curved, round, circular, triangular, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, right-angled, vertex, vertices, layer, diagram, surface, […]

Year 3 division concepts

The year 3 work on division builds on the foundations built in year 2. Again, division can be seen in two ways: 1. Sharing equally e.g. 8 bars of chocolate are shared between 2 people. How many does each person get? 2. Grouping, or repeated subtraction In the same way that multiplication can be seen […]

Year 3 multiplication concepts

Year 3 is the year that children really begin to take off with multiplication. One of the key things is the understanding that multiplication is repeated addition. Also the multiplication sign is used and understood as meaning, ‘lots of’. In oral work the terms multiple and product can be introduced. A key concept for children […]

Year 3 subtraction concepts

The work on subtraction facts in year 3 is very similar to that in year 2. Constant practice and re-enforcement is necessary if children are going to become quick in their responses- the numbers do not necessarily have to be larger, but a more rapid answer should be expected. A similar list of words and […]

Year 3 addition concepts

In year 3 children will continue to develop their understanding of addition, moving on to  work  with larger numbers, up to three buy cheap ambien with no prescription digits. The words below should be understood and written correctly. more    add    sum   total    altogether    equals    sign Most of this work can be done orally, with increasing […]

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Same Great Maths Games, Only Bigger!

Our new full page button allows you to have even more fun! When you click the button located to the right of all our maths games, the game will fill your browser window. If you want to try a different game or worksheet, you can close the full page mode using either the link at […]