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KS2 Maths SATs practice

KS2 Maths SATs practice Over the next few months we will be concentrating on creating the most up-to-date resources to cover the KS2 Maths Reasoning Papers. This week we have published a set of pages on counting in steps of powers of 10. (The content domain reference is 5N1: Year 5 number statement 1.) This […]

Year 3 Number on-screen activities

Year 3 Number on-screen activities Looking for something different which will really help children’s knowledge and understanding of number, but only take a couple of minutes? Why not try our Year 3 Number on-screen activities. We have just published 12 new activities covering counting on and back in multiples of 50 and 100, finding 100 […]

Algebra in the KS2 SAT Papers

Algebra in the KS2 SAT Papers There are always one or two questions on algebra in the KS2 Maths Reasoning Papers and this year one question looked at sequences. The rule to get the numbers was given but some of the numbers were missing e.g. Rule: multiply by 2 and then add 3 Write the […]

Year 2 on-screen activities for addition

Year 2 on-screen activities for addition We are often asked for activities which can be answered on-screen, rather than having to print pages, and we are moving full steam ahead to produce these. New activities covering Year 2 Addition have just been published including: Addition up to 20 with a number line Making 20 completing […]

Year 4 Maths Mastery

Worksheets: Number and Place Value in Year 4, including maths mastery resources A fantastic selection of worksheets has just been published for Year 4 covering: • Finding the value of digits in numbers up to 4-digits • Rounding to the nearest 10, including using Roman numerals • Rounding to the nearest 100 • Ordering numbers […]

Year 5 Number

Topic: Year 5 Number By Year 5 children are expected to be working with larger numbers, including hundreds of thousands and millions. However, many children, and indeed adults, find it very difficult to read large numbers correctly. The solution is to section the digits off into groups of three, starting with the hundreds, tens and […]

English grammar: nouns

English grammar: nouns Our grammar resources are some of our most popular, because in the new curriculum children are expected to get to grips with grammar from an early age. We have just made two significant improvements to our pages on nouns. Firstly, we have added a further 5 sets of worksheets to help younger […]

Worksheets: Year 4 Addition and subtraction

Worksheets: Year 4 Addition and subtraction Two new sets of pages, using bar models, have just been published in our Year 4 Addition category. They are both hard to do mentally and may need the help of jottings. For example, in the first set, a question such as: 623 + 127 could be done mentally, […]

Addition and subtraction practice for Year 1

Addition and subtraction on-screen practice for Year 1 Wow! Fabulous new activities to give endless practice for all those important addition and subtraction skills in Year 1. Memory challenge: Finding pairs of numbers that total 10 Fast mental recall of simple addition facts as well as a good memory are both needed for our latest […]