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Year 2 Subtraction on-screen activities

Year 2 Subtraction on-screen activities Great news: there are now on-screen activities to help children learn and understand the vocabulary related to subtraction. This is a part of maths which can easily be overlooked, but which is critical. To be successful children need to know and correctly use terms such as take away, take from, […]

Maths Mastery Years 1, 2 and 3 Maths Mastery Years 1, 2 and 3 Year 1 Mastery Programme: Geometry Our Maths Mastery support materials are available for the rest of term, for Years 1, 2 and 3. A combination of worksheets and on-screen activities provide superb support for any teachers using a maths mastery approach, as well as a great resource […]

KS2 SATs Success with Geometry

KS2 SATs Success with Geometry/Shape The questions on the Maths SAT Reasoning Papers tend to be very similar from year to year, which means that, with practice, children can become confident answering the type of questions that they will meet. Shape/Geometry questions are extremely popular in the KS2 Maths Reasoning Papers and we have just […]

The Gunpowder Plot: Maths and English worksheets

The 5th of November The Gunpowder Plot: Maths and English worksheets The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 is one of our most celebrated events, as each year we commemorate the capture of Guy Fawkes with spectacular firework displays and roaring bonfires. At this time of year a visit to our Special Occasions category will be very […]

Halloween Maths and English worksheets

Halloween Maths and English worksheets British Summer Time ends next weekend which, for many people, is not the most popular event of the year. However, as the evenings draw in it is an opportunity to look at some of the resources which are available free of charge for anyone who has a trial. These resources […]

Year 5 Addition multiples of 1 000

Year 5 Addition multiples of 1 000 We have just reorganised our Year 5 Addition resources into sub-categories in order to make the worksheets you need easier to find. The sub-categories are: • Revise addition skills • Adding several small numbers • Mental addition of decimals • Mental addition of large numbers • Written addition […]

Adverbs of possibility

Adverbs of possibility Adverbs of possibility are used to show how certain we are about a situation or event. Words such as definitely, certainly and obviously are used to show that we are almost sure that something will happen. Adverbs such as probably, possibly and maybe are used when we are less certain that something […]

Year 4 Maths Mastery Resources

Year 4 Maths Mastery Resources Our next block of resources for the Year 4 Maths Mastery Programme cover length and perimeter. Whilst only a week is spent on this, two key objectives need to be met. Firstly, to measure and then calculate the perimeter of rectangular shapes or shapes made from a number of rectangles. […]

Year 6 Fractions

Focus this week on Year 6 Fractions Some of the hardest Year 6 Maths can be found in the Fractions, Decimals and Percentages strand. Fortunately, we have an extensive range of resources to help with this and we have also just reorganised them to make finding exactly what you want easier and quicker. The resources […]

Captain Cook

Captain Cook 250 years ago, in October 1769 James Cook and botanist Joseph Banks were aboard the first European vessel to reach New Zealand since 1642. The Māori people were unfamiliar with large ships and they thought that the Endeavour was a floating island or a gigantic bird. Cook sailed the Endeavour close to the […]