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Free Christmas worksheets

Free Christmas worksheets After all these tricky fractions and decimal pages why not take a more relaxed look at our free Christmas worksheets? There are plenty of them and are ideal for fitting around time spent rehearsing Christmas carols, nativity plays etc. Our English resources include two crosswords, one with picture clues and one with […]

Bonfire night maths worksheets

Bonfire night maths worksheets Almost everyone has heard of The Gunpowder Plot and each year we commemorate the capture of Guy Fawkes with spectacular firework displays and roaring bonfires. At this time of year why not visit our Special Occasions category and dip into the great Fireworks maths worksheets we have available free of charge […]

Halloween worksheets

Halloween worksheets. We are well into Autumn now and with less than a week before the clocks go back it won’t be long before winter is here. Before that however, is the increasingly popular celebration of Halloween. As usual we mark the occasion my making free a selection of great worksheets, all with a ghostly, […]

Year 6 past SAT papers

Year 6 past SAT papers One of the best ways to revise for the Year 6 SATs is to go through past papers. This familiarises children with both the layout and type of question. We have an excellent selection of past papers, with answers, and have just published last year’s (2014) test papers. All these […]

St. Valentine’s Day Worksheets

St. Valentine’s Day Worksheets Leading up to the 14th February is one of the busiest periods for card shops, with millions of cards exchanged in the UK, costing over £40 million! Next Saturday is February 14th   and we have a fun selection of maths worksheets, all with a Valentine’s Day theme, absolutely free. For younger […]

Free New Year worksheets

Free New Year worksheets Only a couple of days until New Year’s Eve and the next week is a great time to reflect on the past and look forward to the new. Our fantastic New Year worksheets, including New Year’s Resolutions, are now all available for the next week absolutely free and include some great […]

Christmas Maths worksheets

An early Christmas present: free Christmas Maths worksheets Less than two weeks to go to Christmas and there doesn’t seem to be much time left to do anything! To help during this busy period, as well as adding to the fun, we are giving away a great selection of Christmas maths and English worksheets, all […]

The Fifth of November

The Fifth of November During the night of November 4th/5th  1605 Guy Fawkes was sitting quietly in a cellar under the Houses of Parliament, preparing to ignite 36 barrels of gunpowder. The aim was to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill the king, James I. It seems amazing to us today that there […]

More Year 3-4 word lists

More Year 3-4 word lists We have just published the next series in our Year 3-4 word lists. As from September children in Years 3 and 4 are expected to know how to spell and use in their written work a set of 100 words. Using exclusively  these 100 words as detailed in the statutory […]

Free holiday fun worksheets

Free holiday fun worksheets On a  bright note, we are well into the summer holiday now and we can all enjoy some long sunny days through  August (apart from our friends in Australia and New Zealand). However, research has shown that it is also a time when children forget rather a lot of the maths […]