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English Comprehensions: American History

English Comprehensions: American HistoryThe pioneers were emigrants who travelled across the Great Plains of America to settle in the American West. Many of them were farmers and they moved to areas such as Oregon because land was cheap, or in some cases free, and it was believed to be very rich and fertile, ideal for […]

Addition in Reception

Addition in Reception We have a considerable number of worksheets for addition in both Early Reception and Later Reception, using a wide variety of ideas. This week we have added new resources for both categories including using part-whole models, building bricks and number shapes with very small numbers. Well worth a look! Go to Early […]

Year 3 Money: on-screen activities

Year 3 Money: on-screen activities We start our Year 3 Money activities with converting pence to pounds and vice versa. There are 8 questions in each set giving children unlimited practice to ensure they have really grasped the conversions. We then move on to comparing amounts written in pounds to amounts written in pence, using […]

Years 1, 2 and 3 Maths Mastery for Summer Term

Years 1, 2 and 3 Maths Mastery for Summer TermDon’t forget that we already have an excellent range of support materials for the maths mastery approach for the summer term in Years 1, 2 and 3 which we have been adding to. These include: Year 1Year 1 Block 1: multiplication and divisionThe really good news […]

Year 4 Maths Mastery for Summer Term

Year 4 Maths Mastery for Summer TermThe first half of the summer term maths mastery resources are now available for Year 4. They consist of four units:Block 1: DecimalsWriting and comparing decimals, tenths and hundredths and rounding resources are all now available.Block 2: MoneyFurther work on working with coins, finding totals and a great selection […]

Year 6 Place Value and Rounding

Year 6 Place Value and Rounding Once again we have used place value charts to help older children to understand larger numbers. This time we have looked at rounding very large numbers to the nearest 10,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000. This is our latest addition to our Year 6 Number and Place Value resources and, together […]

Identifying large numbers in Year 4

Identifying large numbers in Year 4Place value grids and the use of base ten blocks are excellent ways of showing children that a 4-digit number is made up of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. Our latest set of worksheets uses images of base ten blocks to help children recognize these numbers in the thousands. There […]

Year 2: Position and Direction

Much of the work on Position and Direction in the Year 2 Programme of Study involves turning. Turns can be described in terms of right angles for quarter, half and three-quarter turns (clockwise and anti-clockwise) but they can also be described in terms of left and right. There are plenty of practical opportunities in the […]

Year 1 Money on-screen activities

Year 1 Money on-screen activitiesOn-screen activities are a great way to strengthen and support children’s learning and counting small amounts of coins is an ideal topic. Whether it is just counting one type of coin (e.g. 1p coins or 2p coins) or finding the total of different coins (e.g. 1p and 10p) these activities give […]

Summer Time and Easter

Summer Time and Easter The clocks have gone forward and Easter is just around the corner! What better time to remind you of our great Easter maths worksheets which are completely free (they don’t count towards credits used, either as a member or whilst on trial.) The first sets of fun worksheets for younger children […]