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On-screen Shape Activities for Year 1

By the end of Year 1 children will be expected to identify simple 2D and 3D shapes. The main 2D shapes are rectangles (including squares), circles and triangles and we have just published an on-screen activity to help with identifying all these shapes. For 3D shapes children are asked to recognise cubes, pyramids, cones and […]

English: Revising Nouns

English: Revising NounsMuch of the work on nouns is completed in Key Stage 1 but it is well worth reminding children in Key Stage 2 what nouns are and some of the special types of noun. This week we have published a new set of pages looking at four special types of noun:A proper noun […]

6 Maths Mastery

Year 6 Maths MasteryMaths Mastery Support MaterialsExciting news if you are a Year 6 teacher looking for material to support the maths mastery programme in your school.Great news for parents with children in Year 6 being taught using the maths mastery programme and are not sure how best to help.Beginning with the Autumn Term we […]

Year 5 Timed Counting Activities

Counting on in hundreds might not seem too tricky but when the next number crosses over the thousands and you only have one minute to answer as many as possible then it all becomes a lot more challenging. A question such as,What is the next number? 1,719, 1,819, 1,919 ?????is a typical question. If you […]

Year 4 Timed Counting Activities

Counting on and back in sixes, sevens and nines is an important part of the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Year 4 and on-screen activities are ideal for giving children unlimited practice with this. 8 new activities have just been published, all timed, giving children just one minute to answer as many as possible. […]

Year 3 Place Value and Addition

In Year 3 children will begin to understand how 3-digit numbers are made up; for example, they will express 345 as 3 hundreds, 4 tens and 5 ones. This partitioning of numbers is vital when it comes to mentally adding up two 3-digit numbers. Our latest set of worksheets really helps with this, with questions […]

Year 2 Making 10 Revision

New this week is a quick revision set on making 10 at the chocolate factory. How many ways can two or three types of chocolate be placed in a chocolate box? This is a great way to check on what has been learned in Year 1 and how confident children are with pairs of numbers […]

Year 1 Number: More or Less

At the beginning of Year 1 children will practice placing numbers on a number track and then the language of one more and one less will be introduced. They need to know that one more is the number after the starting number and one less is the number before and should use their counting skills […]

Reception: on, under and above

‘On’, ‘under’ and ‘above’ are the words we feature this week, with three new sets of worksheets on position for Reception children. There is a whole range of practical situations and play activities where these terms can be used both in the classroom and outside and these pages can be used as a check to […]

Year 1 Money

Working with money in Year 1 is a great way to consolidate number skills, especially counting on and back and finding small totals. Our latest sets of pages involve plenty of practical activity. For example, on the first page children are asked to colour in the number of pennies that match a 5p coin. One […]