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Year 1 Activities

Year 1 ActivitiesIt’s good to get left and right sorted out and what better way than to have a quick-fire on-screen activity. This is just one of several new on-screen activities for Year 1 children. Others include finding days of the week and identifying a quarter of a shape (in our Multiplication and Division category). […]

Year 6 Unlimited Practice for Measurement and Statistics

Year 6 Unlimited Practice for Measurement and Statistics New on-screen resources are now available for Year 6 for both measurement and statistics. The first measurement activity looks at word problems such as: ‘If 100 bags of sweets weigh 5.5 kg how much does one bag weigh?’ Answering these types of question needs a good understanding […]

Year 5 Negative Numbers

Year 5 Negative Numbers We are really challenging Year 5 this week with a new selection of one minute challenges; the topic being negative numbers. When working with negative numbers it is very easy to make a slip-up when finding more or less than a given number and the pressure is on to get as […]

World Book Day

World Book Day 2022 is the 25th year that there has been a World Book Day, a day designed to promote reading for pleasure and it is celebrated in over 100 countries worldwide.By reading books you not only enjoy the stories (hopefully!) but also stimulate your mind and creativity and improve your vocabulary. Books open […]

Year 4 One Minute Challenges

Year 4 One Minute Challenges In Year 4 children are expected to work with numbers up to 4 digits including finding 1,000 more or less than a 4-digit number. There is never enough of this kind of work in most textbooks but we do have a terrific selection on the site, including four new on-screen […]

Year 3 Money in Reasoning and Problem Solving

Year 3 Money in Reasoning and Problem Solving Whilst we have over 30 sets of worksheets on money for Year 3 did you know that we also have a great range of pages on money in our Reasoning and Problem Solving category. Our latest resource asks children to select three items to put in a […]

Year 2 Fractions On-screen Activities

Year 2 Fractions On-screen Activities This week we have published a brand new Year 2 category; on-screen activities on the topic of fractions. Covering finding halves, quarters and thirds of amounts they provide unlimited practice on the screen as well as the option to print out marked results. Simple, but very effective for those who […]

Year 1 Measuring Capacity

Year 1 Measuring Capacity At the beginning of Year 1 measuring is usually in terms of comparisons, using non-standard units (eg hand spans) to decide which is longer, taller, heavier, lighter etc. Lots of practical activity is needed and there is also plenty of opportunity to get wet when measuring jugs of water! Encourage children […]

English Certificates

English Certificates Our certificates have always been very popular and we are pleased to announce a whole new range of English certificates covering spelling, reading and handwriting. Featuring many of our most popular characters, we are sure they will be very popular. There is the option to print A4 size or 2 certificates to a […]

Year 6 Percentages Activities

Year 6 Percentages Activities Percentages are everywhere, whether it’s money off in a sale, bank interest rates or a comparison between the number of electric and petrol driven cars on the road. By Year 6 children should be familiar with the relationship between simple percentages and fractions such as 1/2, 1/4, 3/4 1/5 and 1/10 […]