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Year 2 Mastery of Number

Year 2 Mastery of Number Bar modelling is a very powerful strategy as it allows children to visualise maths concepts to solve problems. More and more teachers are using this approach. We have just published a new set of worksheets using bar modelling to help with understanding tens and ones. Our second new set of […]

Year 2 Addition

Year 2 Addition Further worksheets on adding to make the next whole ten and finding pairs of numbers that make 20 have just been published in the Year 2 Addition category. It is important that children discover the most efficient strategy for mental addition and in both these cases counting on is the best to […]

Making fractions easy in Year 2

Making fractions easy in Year 2 Fractions can cause difficulties when children reach upper primary school, so it is vital that they get off to a good start, especially in Year 2 (6-7 years old). Plenty of practical work should be done using shapes and objects so that children understand what finding a half or […]

Tricky problem solving for year 2

Tricky problem solving for Year 2 It’s back to school for the New Year and why not start with some really tricky problem solving activities suitable for Year 2, although older children may well find them hard too. The dice problems require methodical thinking whilst to solve the beads questions children may well need to […]

2017 KS1 Maths SAT Papers

2017 KS1 Maths SAT Papers Get your 2017 KS1 Maths SAT papers here for free download. This new style of test has only been running for a short time so there are not a lot of relevant papers available in order to gain a good insight on what might come up this year. However, we […]

Problem Solving in Year 2

Problem Solving in Year 2 Our Reasoning/Problem Solving categories are some of our most popular and we are continuing to develop more resources in all year groups. This week we have plenty of new sets of worksheets to help with Reasoning for Year 2. These include finding missing digits and signs in number sentences, solving […]

Year 2 Reasoning worksheets

Year 2 Reasoning worksheets Logical thinking, experimenting, working in a systematic way, recording accurately and checking that results are correct are all essential parts of mathematics. We have just published further great pages on Reasoning for Year 2 which will need all of the above skills to be answered successfully. We have one of the […]

Year 2 Reasoning

Year 2 Reasoning Many schools are now trying a ‘mastery programme’ as used in Singapore and other parts of the Far East, to give children a deep understanding and fluency in the fundamentals of maths. Reasoning is an essential part of this. Our very latest reasoning pages look at place value and how many different […]

Using bar modelling to help with tables

Using bar modelling to help with tables Bar modelling is proving a big hit in primary schools at the moment and I believe that the approach has much to commend it. Visual models give children a quick and easy way to grasp a concept without the complication of words. So, there is no reason not […]

Year 2 fractions

Year 2 fractions New this week is a set of worksheets on finding fractions of lengths. Fractions is one of those subjects which can cause a lot of problems so it is important to get a sound early understanding. Children should come into Year 2 (age 6-7) being able to recognise halves and quarters and […]