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Year 2: Subtraction

Year 2 Subtraction We have a superb collection of worksheets for subtraction in Year 2, with over 40 sets, each focussed on one particular skill. This week we have added more pages which look at: • Subtracting small numbers in columns Subtracting using columns is introduced in Year 2 beginning with single digit numbers before […]

Maths Mastery

Have you enough variety to choose from in your Maths Mastery resources? Fantastic news for all those using a maths mastery approach: we have just added a whole selection of on-screen activities for the Year 1 Spring Term Block on adding and subtracting up to 20. Don’t forget we also have some great support materials […]

Year 2 Money

Year 2 Money New resources this week include matching equal amounts of coins and activities using notes and are now available in the Year 2 Money section. This is a really important, practical and relevant part of the curriculum and it is a pity that some of the maths mastery programmes only put aside one […]

Year 2 Subtraction on-screen activities

Year 2 Subtraction on-screen activities Great news: there are now on-screen activities to help children learn and understand the vocabulary related to subtraction. This is a part of maths which can easily be overlooked, but which is critical. To be successful children need to know and correctly use terms such as take away, take from, […]

Year 2 on-screen activities for addition

Year 2 on-screen activities for addition We are often asked for activities which can be answered on-screen, rather than having to print pages, and we are moving full steam ahead to produce these. New activities covering Year 2 Addition have just been published including: Addition up to 20 with a number line Making 20 completing […]

Focus this week: Year 2 Addition

Focus this week: Year 2 Addition Huge progress is expected with the understanding of addition during the course of Year 2, with mental addition being the key element. To begin with children will apply their knowledge of addition facts with numbers up to 20 before moving onto larger 2-digit numbers. Our worksheets using number lines […]

Further Year 1 Addition and subtraction on-screen practice

Further Year 1 Addition and subtraction on-screen practice Our on-screen practice activities are highly focussed, concentrating on just one aspect of mathematical learning at a time. They also include the opportunity to print out results, showing exactly what the child has entered; great for assessment purposes. We have just published 12 more on-screen activities for […]

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New this week

Year 2 Shape pattern worksheets Sorting shapes and creating repeating patterns is an important practical aspect of Year 2 work. New this week is a collection of great pages on 2D shape patterns where children have to predict what the next shapes will be, as well as spotting mistakes in patterns. Go to Year 2 […]

Maths Mastery: Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 Summer Term

Maths Mastery: Year 1 Summer Term Block 4: Number and Place Value The final half term of Maths Mastery in Year 1 kicks off with some further work on counting and partitioning numbers. Children will begin to count up to 100, including grouping into tens to make counting quicker and less prone to error. 2-digit […]

New on-screen activities and worksheets this week

New on-screen activities and worksheets this week: Great new on-screen activities for Year 2 Superb on-screen activities now available on comparing numbers, including finding the largest/smallest numbers and comparing 2-digit numbers with base 10 blocks. Go to Maths Games: Year 2: Number and Place Value MTC update As new information has arrived from the Standards […]