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What’s New: Ten Times Table

Here we have another in our series on multiplication and tables. This time we are looking at the ten times table. This is often thought of as the easiest table as the digits don’t change, but don’t get caught in the trap of telling your child that you ‘just add a nought’to multiply by ten. […]

What’s New: Two, five and ten times tables

Practice makes perfect, and this set of multiplication pages gives loads of practice for the 2x, 5x and 10x tables. This is the first time we have introduced the idea of filling in a multiplication grid, multiplying the numbers across and down to fill in the grid. The first time children come across this they […]

What’s New: Five times table

Once the two times table and ten times table have been learned the next easiest is probably the five times table. Practice first of all with counting up in fives, starting from zero. Then move on to saying the whole table in words. remember to say, ‘One five is five, two fives are ten’ etc […]

What’s new: Addition with tens and units

A 1 to 100 number square is a very useful resource to help young children with addition and subtraction and there is one included at the end of this 4 page set of worksheets on addition. All these pages concentrate on adding a single digit to a 2-digit number. Probably the easiest way to do […]

What’s New: Adding in the teens

Here is the very latest in our Superbrains section for children who are comfortable with addition of single digits and are ready to work with larger numbers. There are four great, colourful worksheets on completing number sentences with answers up to 20. There is a number line to 20 displayed on each page to help […]

What’s New? Maths Worksheets on Adding 3 Numbers

This is the second set of maths worksheets on adding 3 small numbers. These are harder and need a different approach to the first set because a number has to be put in to make the number sentences correct. For example 2 + ? + 7 = 13 There are a number of different ways […]

What’s new: Worksheets on sharing between two

The very first in our division worksheets, found in the ‘Superbrains’ section. These four pages look at division as sharing equally. It’s a great idea to do lots of this practically, sharing out sweets, cards, buttons etc and is best done on a ‘one for you, one for me’ basis to begin with. There is […]

What’s New? Maths Worksheets on Adding 3 Numbers

Once children are really happy with adding two 1-digit numbers then they can move on to adding three small numbers mentally. There are various strategies that they can use to help them. Probably the best strategy of all is to start with the largest number, and this should be the case for the majority of […]