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Comparing numbers in Year 1

Comparing numbers in Year 1 A key target in Year 1 is for children to use their knowledge of numbers up to 20 to compare two or three numbers. Terms such as larger/smaller and largest/smallest should be understood and used with confidence. At first children might need a variety of concrete resources such as counters, […]

Year 1 Division Games

Year 1 Division Games The work done on division in Year 1 is mainly of a practical nature, making equal groups from a given number of objects and sharing using 1:1 correspondence. Later pictorial representations can be used and this is where our new Year 1 division activities are really useful. Sharing into equal groups […]

Year 1 Number Lines and Tracks (harder)

Year 1 Number Lines and Tracks (harder) Four great new sets of pages on counting up to 20 are now available. Shaped in spirals the number tracks have plenty of gaps which need filling, finding consecutive and non-consecutive missing numbers in the sequences with no pictorial help. Before using number tracks children should have had […]

Year 1 Multiplication Games

Year 1 Multiplication Games A combination of high quality worksheets and unlimited on-screen practice makes for a powerful learning experience, which is just what we have for our Year 1 children. Our on-screen activities for Year 1 are proving very popular and we have just added two new multiplication categories with 4 activities in each. […]

Reasoning in Year 1

Reasoning in Year 1 Reasoning and problem solving is an important part of the Year 1 curriculum, and we pride ourselves on having some of the best resources available anywhere. With over 50 sets of pages in Year 1 alone, there is plenty to challenge children’s mathematical thinking and encourage them to work in a […]

Maths Mastery

Have you enough variety to choose from in your Maths Mastery resources? Fantastic news for all those using a maths mastery approach: we have just added a whole selection of on-screen activities for the Year 1 Spring Term Block on adding and subtracting up to 20. Don’t forget we also have some great support materials […]

Year 1 Addition: bar models

Year 1 Addition There is no doubt that number lines and bar modelling are now used in many schools to help children understand calculating, especially those who are using a maths mastery approach. We have just added some great new resources using both number lines and bar models to supplement what is already a superb […]

Year 1 Number updates

Year 1 Number updates At this time of the year there are many young children who are still coming to grips with counting on and back in ones, and they need as much practice as possible. Of course, much of this will be done practically but there are also opportunities to use images on paper […]

Addition and subtraction practice for Year 1

Addition and subtraction on-screen practice for Year 1 Wow! Fabulous new activities to give endless practice for all those important addition and subtraction skills in Year 1. Memory challenge: Finding pairs of numbers that total 10 Fast mental recall of simple addition facts as well as a good memory are both needed for our latest […]

On-screen practice for Year 1

On-screen practice for Year 1 It’s holiday time, but 5 minutes of fun maths, squeezed in during the day will ensure that skills are not forgotten and our latest activities for Year 1 are ideal for this. We have just published 30 new on-screen activities for Year 1 Number, giving us really comprehensive coverage of […]