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Year 1 Number: estimating using pictures

Year 1 Number: estimating using pictures The new Year 1 Programme of Study for number is rather brief. The content is just: • count to and across 100, forwards and backwards, beginning with 0 or 1, or from any given number • count in multiples of twos, fives and tens • count, read and write […]

Bar Modelling in Year 1

Bar Modelling in Year 1 ‘Bar modelling’ is proving to be a very popular way of helping children understand mathematical concepts. We have just published two sets of worksheets which use bar modelling to help show what needs to be done when adding three small numbers. There are also more great sets of similar pages […]

Counting in Year 1

Counting in Year 1 New this week are sets of beautifully illustrated worksheets on counting on in tens, completing number lines and finding missing numbers in number sentences, all for Year 1 children. With over 60 sets of worksheets, most containing 4 pages each, this must surely be one of the best, if not the […]

Year 1 Reasoning: sorting

Year 1 Reasoning: sorting As well as rapid recall of knowledge children are also expected to show that they can reason, generalise and justify answers. This, of course, takes a lot of practice and our most recent Year 1 pages on sorting are just the thing to help develop this. Children are asked to sort […]

Year 1 Reasoning

Year 1 Reasoning One of my favourite types of activity: using a selection of number cards to answer ‘How many ways can you make ….. ?’ style questions. An important part of this is for children to describe in their own words what they are doing, how they can be certain they are correct, or […]

Left handed maths

Left handed maths Did you know that about 10% of the population are left-handed? Some of the most famous people from history were left handed, including: Julius Caesar, Mozart, Napoleon, Queen Victoria, Lord Baden-Powell and Albert Einstein. Many left-handed people will know that there is actually a left-handed shop that sells everything from fountain pens […]

Year 1 and 2: Bar Modelling

Year 1 and 2: Bar Modelling Bar modelling is a powerful visual method of helping children with their calculating. The term is used extensively in Singapore where children make excellent progress with Maths and is now being used more and more in this country. It is a pictorial approach to calculating, using visual models and […]

Reasoning in Year 1

Reasoning in Year 1: shopping and money Some of my favourite worksheets of recent times have just been published for Year 1. They provide rich problem solving activities for those who have mastered the basic addition and subtraction skills. The shopping and money worksheets are bright and colourful as well as having little writing, but […]

Year 1 Measurement: new resources

Year 1 Measurement: new resources If there is one area of the maths curriculum where plenty of practical opportunities are needed it is in Measurement. Children are expected to make a huge amount of progress with Measurement during Year 1. They begin by making simple comparisons, side by side with no counting, for example comparing […]

Year 1 reasoning in mathematics

Year 1 reasoning in mathematics Children who have an excellent understanding of number in the early years have a far better chance of becoming excellent mathematicians than those who don’t. Therefore, it is well worthwhile spending a lot of time on mastering key topics at this age, building confidence and a solid understanding. Future mathematical […]