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Year 1 Measurement: new resources

Year 1 Measurement: new resources If there is one area of the maths curriculum where plenty of practical opportunities are needed it is in Measurement. Children are expected to make a huge amount of progress with Measurement during Year 1. They begin by making simple comparisons, side by side with no counting, for example comparing […]

Year 1 reasoning in mathematics

Year 1 reasoning in mathematics Children who have an excellent understanding of number in the early years have a far better chance of becoming excellent mathematicians than those who don’t. Therefore, it is well worthwhile spending a lot of time on mastering key topics at this age, building confidence and a solid understanding. Future mathematical […]

More addition for Year 1 and Year 2

More addition for Year 1 and Year 2 Adding three one-digit numbers appears in the Year 2 programme of study, but there are many children who by the end of year 1 would enjoy the challenge of adding more than two small numbers together. We already have a couple of sets of pages but have […]

New worksheets for Year 1

We are constantly looking to improve our selection of worksheets in year 1, even though we already have over 2000 pages. This week we have added three more terrific sets of pages on counting and reading and writing numbers.

Year 1 addition

With over 170 pages of questions and answers our Year 1 Addition category is a really superb resource. It covers the Programme of Study as stated below: Pupils should be taught to: •    read, write and interpret mathematical statements involving addition (+), subtraction (-) and equals (=) signs •    represent and use number bonds and […]

Year 1 Money

Year  1 Money: supermarket shopping using notes Most money work in Year 1 is done using small coins, but we also have a great selection of notes, ranging from £5 to £50. They are a great way to help with counting in fives and tens but we have also just published a superb set of […]

Year 1: More on Number Squares

Year 1: More on Number Squares We have just published an interesting set of worksheets which ask children in year 1 to fill in the missing numbers in part of a number square. Completing the square from left to right or right to left will show that children can count on and back in ones. […]

Year 1 Assessment Paper

Year 1 Assessment Paper Parents often ask us if we have any assessment papers which will help them know just how well their child is doing; if their child is really on track or not. What parents are really looking for is some way to see if the national curriculum objectives for a particular year […]

Year 1 ordering numbers

Year 1 ordering numbers It may sound quite simple, but many children take a long time to master counting and ordering numbers up to 100. I have known children who, even in the upper primary age range, have been unsure about counting up to 100, yet they have been expected to deal with calculating with […]

Learning to tell the time

Learning to tell the time One of the most important things children learn is to tell the time. The new programme of study expects more of children at a younger age than before and it is worth taking a peep at what children are expected to do in each year up to Year 4. In […]