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Maths Mastery: Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 Summer Term

Maths Mastery: Year 1 Summer Term Block 4: Number and Place Value The final half term of Maths Mastery in Year 1 kicks off with some further work on counting and partitioning numbers. Children will begin to count up to 100, including grouping into tens to make counting quicker and less prone to error. 2-digit […]

New on-screen activities and worksheets this week

New on-screen activities and worksheets this week: Great new on-screen activities for Year 2 Superb on-screen activities now available on comparing numbers, including finding the largest/smallest numbers and comparing 2-digit numbers with base 10 blocks. Go to Maths Games: Year 2: Number and Place Value MTC update As new information has arrived from the Standards […]

New this week: comparing numbers, time, finding angles and line graphs

New this week: comparing numbers, time, finding angles and line graphs Year 1 Comparing Numbers We have just published 3 excellent new sets of worksheets on comparing numbers, including using place value grids for Year 1 children. Go to Year 1 Ordering Numbers Year 2 Time Problem solving worksheets on time now available: just the […]

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Summer Term Maths Mastery Resources

Summer Term Maths Mastery Resources Our first half of the Summer Term resources for Maths Mastery are now available. These provide a superb back-up resource for anyone following the Maths Mastery approach. More details below. Year 1: Multiply and Divide Children will be introduced to multiplication during this term but with plenty of help such […]

New timed challenges for times tables

New this week: great timed activities for times tables, year 1 and 2 position and direction, time in year 3, converting measurements in year 5 and fractions in year 6. Timed challenges for times tables Just how many times table questions can you answer in a minute? Find out now: tables from 2 times up […]

New this week

New this week: Year 1 Multiplication, Year 2 Time, Year 4 Decimals, Year 5 Subtraction.   New for Year 1: more colourful pages to help with adding equal groups as an introduction to multiplication. Year 1: Multiply Year 2: fabulous new worksheets for telling the time to the half hour, quarter hour and 5 minutes. […]

Year 1 Time

Year 1 Time Time is a crucial part of work in Year 1 and should not just be restricted to reading clock faces. Being able to sequence events is important, including using language such as before and after, next, today, yesterday and tomorrow. Children are expected to recognise and use days of the week and […]

Year 1 Counting

Year 1 Counting One of the big challenges for children in Year 1 is counting in twos, fives and tens. This will need plenty of practice and should only be introduced once they are comfortable with counting on in ones up to 100. We have a wide selection of pages on early counting, including using […]

Year 1 Time

Year 1 Time When we think of teaching time the first thing to come to mind is telling the time on a clock face, at first to the hour and half hour. However, in Year 1 there is a good deal more to consider, as is shown in the Measurement strand of the National Curriculum: […]

Year 1 doubling small numbers

Year 1 doubling small numbers Children who are good at maths have memorised a lot of facts. There are two ways of doing this, by understanding or by rote learning. It is important in Year 1 that children begin to know the doubles of small numbers. Committing doubling facts to memory allows a child to […]