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Year 1: more than and less than

Year 1 updated: More than and less than As well as producing new material we are also constantly looking to improve and update our resources and we have just made some great improvements to our Year 1 worksheets on More Than or Less Than. With better fonts and clearer images we feel these are a […]

Year 1 Finding halves

Year 1 Finding halves It is important to get off to a good start with fractions as many children find them very difficult to calculate with later on. There are two ways to think of fractions. One way is to see a fraction as a part of one whole one. This requires making equal sized […]

Year 1 addition

Year 1 addition updates Children in Year 1 need a huge amount practice if they are going to successfully learn to add and subtract. With over 150 pages on addition alone we have an excellent set of resources, but the good news is that we are still adding to them.  This gives you more choice […]

New urbrainy ipad games

New urbrainy ipad games Number Y1 Maths App Don’t forget we have just launched an iPad app full of fun activities on Number for Year 1. The app allows our iPad fans to play these games without the need of an internet connection or even a subscription to The new Number Y1 app makes […]

New Number Games for Year 1

New Number Games for Year 1 With great excitement we are pleased to announce the publication of our latest set of maths games and the really good news is that they are also available as an app for ipad users! While the current games on the site require Adobe Flash Player to run, we have […]

Year 1 Partitioning

Year 1 Partitioning Partitioning numbers is a term used to describe the splitting up of numbers into parts so as to make them easier to work with. One of the main parts of this is to recognise 2-digit numbers as being made up of tens and units. For example 47 can be partitioned (or split) […]

Time in Year 1

Time in Year 1 Children begin to understand and use the vocabulary related to time from an early age. In Reception they will be introduced to the names of days of the week and other terms such as today, yesterday and tomorrow. This will be continued in Year 1, with much of the work being […]

Teaching about money in year 1

Teaching about money in year 1 We have a great selection of money worksheets for Year 1 children, but have just added four more sets. Traditionally children have been introduced to coins first and the class shop usually had items costing pence rather than pounds. However, with children now expected to recognise and know the […]

Weekly Maths Programme for Year 1

Weekly Maths Programme for Year 1 Our Year 1 Weekly Programme has proved to be very popular and we are pleased to announce that we have now upgraded it to meet the challenges of the new primary curriculum starting in September. The programme makes selecting the maths for the week so much easier and in […]

Ordering Numbers in Year 1

Updated Ordering Numbers in Year 1 Once children are happy with counting on and back in ones they can begin to order a set of small numbers and position them on a number line. Placing things in order can come up in many practical situations in school and at home, including giving out pens, paints, […]