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More caterpillar counting

This investigation is aimed at younger children, probably years one or two, although it can be used with older children to explore all possible combinations and reflections. There are many routes through the caterpillar, the shortest possible going through 5 circles. How many different ways of going through 5 circles can be found? How can […]

New Reading Assessment

If your child is in year 1 then you may well have heard about the new reading assessment that will be carried out during June of this year. It is called the Phonic Screening Check Assessment. This is certainly nothing to worry about as it is designed to see if children have the skills of […]

Making subtraction number stories

Here we have the second set of pages about making number stories, this time linked to subtraction. It is a good idea to read the subtraction number sentence out loud and discuss what kind of story could be written. Say out loud one or two before writing down a sentence. Whilst they should be kept […]

Making addition number stories

One of the most important skills a parent can give to their child is the ability to listen and respond. Making up short stories together is a great way to do this. It is also important do do this in mathematics. By spending time together building up a story, your child is learning to understand […]

Year 1 maths worksheet: Position

A concept which we tend to take for granted is the idea of position, but it is still something that many children need to be taught. On these worksheets the three dolphins need to be coloured according to the clues given. The clues use a range of positional vocabulary, such as ‘at the end’, ‘to […]

Maths Games for Year 1

Year 1 Maths Games

Children learn in different ways. Some like nothing more than sitting down with a page of maths to work through. Others prefer the instant rewards of working on a computer activity. As you will probably agree, we already have plenty of pages of maths worksheets, but this week we are publishing our next set of […]

New Year 1 Maths Addition Games

New Year 1 Maths Addition Games

We have just launched some great new maths addition games for year 1. Lots of practice for addition in two new categories. Revise Addition Maths Games 13 new games for those not too confident with addition why not start with our revise addition games for year 1? To begin with we use pictures to help […]