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Valentine’s Day Maths Worksheets

It’s often a good idea to try and link the work done in maths to other areas of the curriculum, and, indeed to events in the calendar. This week we have produced four sets of maths worksheets, all with the theme of Valentine’s Day; so there are plenty of hearts fluttering! The first set looks […]

Year 3 money worksheets

It’s always a good idea to have plenty of worksheets and activities to help children to work with money and we have just published another set of great pages on money, suitable for year 3 children. To make these easier to find we have created a new category in the Year 3 section just for […]

Year 3: partitioning 3-digit numbers

Partitioning numbers is a phrase which many parents may not be familiar with but is being used increasingly in schools. Simply it is a process to help with mental and written calculations which involves splitting the number. At first children will partition 2-digit numbers into tens and units: eg 56 = 50 + 6. This […]

Year 3 weekly programme: Week 13

The start of a new term and the beginning of our next set of weekly worksheets for Year 3. Each week during this term we will be publishing a collection, or programme, of worksheets which can be used to re-inforce the work done in school. Typically there are between 14 and 18 pages, but any […]

Year 3 maths worksheets: addition number sentences

Here is a slightly different way at looking at addition of small numbers, suitable for children in year 3. The answer is 17, what could the two whole numbers be to make this total? Encourage working in a logical, well organised way so that children know whether they have got all the possible answers. In […]

Year 3 maths worksheet: Missing numbers (4x table)

This set of maths worksheets, suitable for year 3, looks at the 4x table. The questions are laid out in pairs, each covering a part of the 4x table and the missing numbers have to be filled in. This should also help with the idea that multiplication can be done in any order, so 4 […]

Three times table

One of the hardest things for children to achieve in year 3 is to learn the 3 times table off by heart. In year 2 they are expected to get to grips with the 2x, 5x and 10x tables, each of which has a pattern that is easily seen. The 3x table is not so […]

New Year 3 Maths Games

Great news! We have just launched our next set of fantastic maths games and activities for year 3. There are now four new categories, with over 30 separate activities. The important point about these games is that each one focuses on one key mathematical concept, which can be practised time and again, until it becomes […]

Addition Games for Year 3

We are excited to be publishing our latest set of addition games and activities for Year 3. We have a whole range of activities, one of my favourites being the fishing game which focuses on what must be added to make the next whole hundred. There is so much to learn in Year 3 that […]