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Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction We have just added a superb collection of worksheets to our addition and subtraction categories for Years 1, 2 and 3. Year 1 subtraction includes investigative activities such as finding as many different calculations as possible from given numbers. In Year 2 we have concentrated on bar modelling and number lines to […]

Year 3 Maths Number and Place Value Games

Year 3 Maths Number and Place Value Games Each game concentrates on one precise skill or concept. There are 8 questions to answer, followed by a printable answer sheet. Game 1: Counting in multiples of 100 Counting objects in multiples of 100, up to 1 000. Game 2: Reading place value grids Read the place […]

Maths Mastery Support

Year 1 Maths Mastery Support: Autumn Term: Block 1 Number and Place Value If you are following a maths mastery programme we now have a superb range of material which we are sure you will find useful to supplement work done in school or to help at home. The first block of four weeks covers […]

Year 3 Bar Modelling: Adding

Year 3 Bar Modelling: Adding Bar modelling is becoming increasingly popular in schools as a way to represent an abstract calculation. In these pages the bar model approach can be used to help find the third number to make a total of 100. There are various ways children might approach this task. Some will add […]

Year 3 Reasoning: Place Value Grids

Year 3 Reasoning: Place Value Grids Place value grids and charts are used a great deal in the maths mastery curriculum as they provide a clear visual guide to the values in each column. To provide some extra support for this we have just published two sets of pages looking at comparing place value grids. […]

Reasoning problems in Year 3

Reasoning problems in Year 3 We have more requests for word problems/real life problems than any other area of maths and we have been really concentrating on these over the last few months. Our latest sets for Year 3 challenge children to work out the costs of buying tickets, clothes etc. taking advantage of various […]

Year 3 Sharing Money

Year 3 Sharing Money Not the normal style of question on division that Year 3 children will come across, these money problems are fun but require some thinking about. A collection of coins needs to be split equally between three children. The total of the coins has to be worked out and then the coins […]

Year 3 Measurement

Year 3 Measurement Using routes and distances between towns and villages is a good way to work with measurement in kilometres and we have just published two great sets of pages on this. Some of the places such as Bolton Hill and West Moon are imaginary, but the routes ambien online no prescription cheap from […]

Year 3 Subtraction

Year 3 Subtraction A question such as 102 – 95 is quite tricky to do on paper, but children should see that it is much easier to do mentally, using addition to work out the answer. By Year 3 they should know all the pairs of numbers that make ten so starting with 95 add […]

Year 3 Addition

Year 3 Addition Developing quick mental methods of addition is the key to success in Year 3. Part of this is to be able to add a 3-digit number and a multiple of 100. We have extended our collection of resources on this with a further two sets, so that there is more than enough […]