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Year 4 Maths Mastery for Summer Term

Year 4 Maths Mastery for Summer TermThe support materials for the second half of the summer term for Maths Mastery in Year 4 are now available, completing the year’s work. The topics are:• Geometry: properties of shapesRecognising acute and obtuse angles, comparing the size of angles and classifying 4-sided shapes are all part the year […]

Year 4: Solving problems

Year 4: Solving problemsPlanting vegetables and gardening have been very popular activities over the last few weeks for many lucky children with gardens at home, and we are pleased to add some great problem solving pages on planting flowers, bulbs and seeds for Year 4. The instructions on the pack have to be followed to […]

Year 4 Maths Mastery for Summer Term

Year 4 Maths Mastery for Summer TermThe first half of the summer term maths mastery resources are now available for Year 4. They consist of four units:Block 1: DecimalsWriting and comparing decimals, tenths and hundredths and rounding resources are all now available.Block 2: MoneyFurther work on working with coins, finding totals and a great selection […]

Identifying large numbers in Year 4

Identifying large numbers in Year 4Place value grids and the use of base ten blocks are excellent ways of showing children that a 4-digit number is made up of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. Our latest set of worksheets uses images of base ten blocks to help children recognize these numbers in the thousands. There […]

Rounding Games for Year 4

Rounding Games for Year 4 There are some topics which are ideal for on-screen activities, where children enter their answers on the keyboard rather than using pen and paper. Rounding numbers is one such topic. Six new on-screen activities have been published this week: • Rounding a 3-digit number to the nearest 10 • Rounding […]

Subtraction in Year 4

Subtraction in Year 4 Our latest pages on subtraction are designed to help children use their knowledge to subtract two 4-digit numbers. Using place value grids, there are no exchanges to be made when doing this; the key idea is to concentrate on the correct place value for each digit. We have a great selection […]

Year 4 Money

Year 4 Money In Year 4 I cannot think of a more important topic in maths than money. It is a time for children to really master understanding pounds and pence and the use of decimals. By the end of the year they should be confident with writing money using decimal notation (e.g. £3.45) as […]

Maths Mastery in Year 4 Decimals and Consolidation

Maths Mastery in Year 4 Decimals and Consolidation The second half of the Spring term in Year 4 is dominated by decimals, with several key targets to be met, and we are pleased to add 15 sets of worksheets to our maths mastery resources, including several brand new sets. Beginning with recognising tenths, before moving […]

Year 4 Maths Activities

Year 4 Maths Activities We continue to develop our Year 4 maths activities related to number and place value with three new games on finding 1,000 more or less than a number. It has quite surprised us as to how popular these on-screen activities have been, in some cases surpassing the number of hits made […]

Decimals in Year 4

Decimals in Year 4 In Year 4 a great emphasis is placed on understanding decimals as is shown in the Maths Mastery programmes which give up to 5 solid weeks on just decimals. To help children really get to grips with this we will be increasing our already extensive range of resources over the next […]