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Year 4 Multiplication

Year 4 Multiplication An interesting Year 4 set of worksheets on multiplication has just been published. Numbers on digit cards are shown and children are asked to find all the possible combinations of 2-digit numbers multiplied by 1-digit. Once this has been completed there are further questions such as finding the totals of the highest […]

Year 4 Multiplication: Missing Digits

Year 4 Multiplication: Missing Digits When children are learning how to do the formal written method of multiplication it is a good idea to maintain interest by varying the type of exercise whilst keeping to the correct method. A popular task with those advocating mastery in maths has been to provide the whole calculation but […]

Year 4 More Equivalent Fractions

Year 4 More Equivalent Fractions Some great new pages on equivalent fractions for Year 4. I especially like the section where children are asked to place fractions in the correct boxes depending on whether they are less than, equal to or more than a quarter. The more practice children have with equivalent fractions the more […]

Year 4 Addition and Subtraction

Year 4 Addition and Subtraction With addition in Year 4 the emphasis is on adding numbers up to 4 digits using the formal written method of columnar addition. We have a great selection of pages to help children master this and this week we have published some interesting new pages on using written methods but […]

Year 4 Measuring length

Year 4 Measuring length Three brand new sets of worksheets have just been added to the Year 4 Measurement category including word problems requiring addition of lengths and heights, comparing lengths and using bar modelling with length calculations. Go to Year 4 Measurement

Year 4: Place Value Grids

Year 4: Place Value Grids When it comes to working with larger numbers then understanding place value is a key component. Place value grids are a good, visual way to show how the value of a digit depends on its position in the number. Our latest set of worksheets for Year 4 looks at reading […]

Year 4 reasoning about rounding

Year 4 reasoning about rounding We have a great many reasoning maths worksheets in Year 4 and have just published a further set on rounding. Rather than just asking for a particular number to round, the questions give rise to several possible answers. For example: I have two different numbers. They both round to 30 […]

Year 4: Using Mixed Units

Year 4: Using Mixed Units Some fun and challenging work for Year 4 children working with mixed units. Each line has to add up to the same total, but the units of measurement are mixed; they might be given in kilograms and grams or litres and millilitres. The key here is to be able to […]

Year 4: Money Problems

Year 4: Money Problems We continue our theme of ‘real life’ problem solving with two new sets of money worksheets for Year 4. These involve adding six amounts of money together to see how much a day’s shopping will cost. One is based around the beach and the other on garden centre products. These would […]

Year 4: Finding Missing Values

Year 4: Finding Missing Values Would you like to introduce algebra in a fun, jolly way? If so, take a look at our latest Year 4 pages on finding the missing values. Different ‘ratty characters’ have values which buy ambien need to be worked out by dividing and then combining with other values to find […]