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Year 4 reasoning about rounding

Year 4 reasoning about rounding We have a great many reasoning maths worksheets in Year 4 and have just published a further set on rounding. Rather than just asking for a particular number to round, the questions give rise to several possible answers. For example: I have two different numbers. They both round to 30 […]

Year 4: Using Mixed Units

Year 4: Using Mixed Units Some fun and challenging work for Year 4 children working with mixed units. Each line has to add up to the same total, but the units of measurement are mixed; they might be given in kilograms and grams or litres and millilitres. The key here is to be able to […]

Year 4: Money Problems

Year 4: Money Problems We continue our theme of ‘real life’ problem solving with two new sets of money worksheets for Year 4. These involve adding six amounts of money together to see how much a day’s shopping will cost. One is based around the beach and the other on garden centre products. These would […]

Year 4: Finding Missing Values

Year 4: Finding Missing Values Would you like to introduce algebra in a fun, jolly way? If so, take a look at our latest Year 4 pages on finding the missing values. Different ‘ratty characters’ have values which buy ambien need to be worked out by dividing and then combining with other values to find […]

Year 4 Multiple exchanges when adding

Year 4 Multiple exchanges when adding Allowing children to try and explain what is happening is a crucial part of learning and we have just published an interesting addition problem which involves children trying to explain ‘multiple exchanges’. This happens in an addition question where the ones add up to ten and the tens add […]

Year 4 Reasoning About Number

Year 4 Reasoning About Number Reasoning in Mathematics is the in-phrase at the moment and we have just published some great resources for Year 4 children. These concentrate on reasoning about number and working with thousands. When first encountering a new problem children need to make use of the knowledge ambien no prescription they already […]

Partitioning in Year 4

Partitioning in Year 4 Partitioning numbers is an important part of the new maths curriculum. In Year 4 children will be expected to partition numbers in the thousands into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. For example: 4 560 can be written as 456 tens; 45 hundreds and 6 tens; 4 thousands and 56 tens and […]

Written Methods of Calculating in Year 4

Written Methods of Calculating in Year 4 Once children have understood the formal written methods of calculating they still need plenty of practice in order to work quickly and accurately. Our latest sets of worksheets for Year 4 are ideal for this, buy ambien next day keeping the numbers reasonably small and providing squared paper […]

Year 4 Addition

Year 4 Addition Our latest sets of addition worksheets for Year 4 really do show the relationship between addition and subtraction. We have two sets where the missing number in an addition sentence has to be found, which requires either subtraction or ‘counting on’. The third and fourth sets have missing digits rather than missing […]

Year 4 division tables

Year 4 division tables Whilst we are all used to the traditional way of learning times tables it is important to be able to rapidly adapt the known information to solve number problems. For example, children may learn that 7 x 6 = 42 but they should be just as quick in finding 42 ÷ […]