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Negative numbers in Year 5

Negative numbers in Year 5 We have just added a further set of worksheets on negative numbers for Year 5 children. Our previous sets concentrate on recognising and ordering negative numbers. This new set takes this on a further stage where numbers are added or subtracted from negative numbers’ including finding the difference between a […]

Distances in kilometres (Year 5)

Distances in kilometres (Year 5) We live in a strange world where we teach children about millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres but then on road signs we measure distances in miles. If we were deliberately trying to confuse children then we could hardly do better! This week we bring some consistency to measurement by looking […]

Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000

Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 New this week for Year 5 are some quick mental division tips. Dividing by ten can be done quickly and easily by moving each digit one place to the right. A decimal point may need to be put in if moving from ones to tenths. In a similar way, […]

Year 5 Addition of decimals

Year 5 Addition of decimals The key to adding decimal fractions is to ensure that the decimal point lines up so that the tenths are in line, as well as the ones, tens etc. Using squared paper is also a great help with keeping each column in line. This type of question is very popular […]

Year 5 Reasoning: Day’s Out

Year 5 Reasoning: Day’s Out Appearances can be deceptive. Our latest Year 5 reasoning worksheets look incredibly simple – just one question on a page and plenty of graphics showing fun days out to the zoo, water park etc. In reality they require a great deal of work; for instance, to decide whether a 3 […]

Numbers around one million: Year 5

Numbers around one million: Year 5 A million no longer seems a large number in the modern world. With footballers being sold for over £50 million and houses in London costing well over £1 million it might be expected that children have a good understanding of large numbers. Indeed, children are expected to deal with […]

Rounding large numbers

Rounding large numbers We have just added three more sets of worksheets on rounding large numbers, suitable for Year 5. The first two look at rounding numbers with 5 digits (including decimals) to the nearest 10 and 100. The third set looks at rounding the same buy ambien legal online 6-digit number to the nearest […]

Times Tables

Times Tables Why learning times tables is important. Knowing times tables is very important for children for many reasons. Perhaps the most obvious is that it saves time when calculating. If a child has to count up in fives and count on fingers to know how many lots have been counted (i.e. 5, 10, 15, […]

Year 5 weekly programme

Year 5 weekly programme The final six weeks of the year 5 weekly programme are now available and there is plenty of tricky work for these last weeks. Week 31 takes a look at large numbers, percentages, money problems, graphs and angle, as well as formal written methods of multiplication and subtraction. Week 32 concentrates […]

Reasoning worksheets for Year 5

Reasoning worksheets for Year 5 Many of our resources in all categories involve mathematical reasoning, but we also have a special area, called Reasoning/Problem Solving for each year group which really concentrates on this important aspect of Mathematics. We have just published four new sets of resources for Year 5 Reasoning on: •    Ordering decimals […]