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Numbers around one million: Year 5

Numbers around one million: Year 5 A million no longer seems a large number in the modern world. With footballers being sold for over £50 million and houses in London costing well over £1 million it might be expected that children have a good understanding of large numbers. Indeed, children are expected to deal with […]

Rounding large numbers

Rounding large numbers We have just added three more sets of worksheets on rounding large numbers, suitable for Year 5. The first two look at rounding numbers with 5 digits (including decimals) to the nearest 10 and 100. The third set looks at rounding the same 6-digit number to the nearest 100, 1 000 and […]

Times Tables

Times Tables Why learning times tables is important. Knowing times tables is very important for children for many reasons. Perhaps the most obvious is that it saves time when calculating. If a child has to count up in fives and count on fingers to know how many lots have been counted (i.e. 5, 10, 15, […]

Year 5 weekly programme

Year 5 weekly programme The final six weeks of the year 5 weekly programme are now available and there is plenty of tricky work for these last weeks. Week 31 takes a look at large numbers, percentages, money problems, graphs and angle, as well as formal written methods of multiplication and subtraction. Week 32 concentrates […]

Reasoning worksheets for Year 5

Reasoning worksheets for Year 5 Many of our resources in all categories involve mathematical reasoning, but we also have a special area, called Reasoning/Problem Solving for each year group which really concentrates on this important aspect of Mathematics. We have just published four new sets of resources for Year 5 Reasoning on: •    Ordering decimals […]

Year 5 weekly programme: latest updates

Year 5 weekly programme: latest updates The year seems to be flying past and we are already into the summer term and our next collection of worksheets for the year 5 weekly programme are now available. Week 25 starts by looking at ordering large numbers and rounding to the nearest 10000 and 100000. The rest […]

Year 5 Weekly Programme

Year 5 Weekly Programme The next 6 weeks of the Year 5 Weekly Programme has been eagerly anticipated by those who are looking for a short package of material covering all the major topics for maths in Year 5, and now it is here! Week 19 takes a hard look at mental arithmetic and the […]

Year 5 Weekly Programme

Year 5 Weekly Programme We are continuing with our weekly programme for Year 5 with the next half term’s resources having just been published. Six weeks of mixed activities, covering a wide range of maths, although calculating is the main priority. Week 13 starts by looking at really large numbers with reading and writing numbers […]

Year 5 Assessment Paper

How well is your Year 5 child doing? We are delighted to publish the latest in our set of assessments for each year group, which are all available free of charge, even if you are not a subscriber. The latest Year 5 Assessment is based around the new primary curriculum and is a very comprehensive […]

Year 5 Weekly Programme updates

Year 5 Weekly Programme updates The next six weeks of our Year 5 Weekly Programme are now online and ready to use, taking us right through to Christmas. Week 7 takes a look at three types of number: multiples, prime numbers and square numbers, as well as plenty of mental multiplication and division. Solving single […]