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Year 5 Weekly Programme updates

Year 5 Weekly Programme updates The next six weeks of our Year 5 Weekly Programme are now online and ready to use, taking us right through to Christmas. Week 7 takes a look at three types of number: multiples, prime numbers and square numbers, as well as plenty of mental multiplication and division. Solving single […]

Year 5 Statistics

Year  5 Statistics The new Programme of Study for Year 5 Statistics (once known as Data Handling)  is very brief as shown below: Statistics Pupils should be taught to: solve comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in a line graph complete, read and interpret information in tables, including timetables. We have just updated […]

Year 5 Weekly Maths Programme

New: Year 5 Weekly Maths Programme Recently we have had more enquiries about the possibility of a Year 5 weekly programme than any other topic, so, here we are, the first six weeks of a weekly programme for Year 5. For those who are short of time to browse the full range of worksheets, or […]

Year 5 fractions updates

Year 5 fractions updates The new primary maths programme of study really lays emphasis on teaching fractions; a topic which has always proved tricky in the past. In year 5 it is expected that children will be taught to: •    Compare fractions whose denominators are all multiples of the same number •    Find equivalent fractions […]

Year 5 Updates

Year 5 Updates This week we have updated a large number of our worksheets in Year 5, including the Subtraction and Multiplication categories. The aim of these updates is to create clearer pages with better fonts and space to provide answers. There is plenty of very tricky work here, including written subtraction crossing the tens […]

Year 5: Addition Updates

Year 5: Addition Updates We are constantly updating and improving our worksheets and this week we have updated a whole series of year 5 addition worksheets, including using better fonts, a clearer layout and more room to write answers. The updates include: Mental addition of several numbers Harder mental addition of 2 and 3-digit numbers […]

Year 5: Multiplying Decimals

Year 5: Multiplying Decimals Knowing times tables off by heart is a crucial part of maths but it is by no means the only important aspect of understanding multiplication and being able to calculate mentally. A key concept is to understand what happens when numbers are multiplied by 10, 100 or 1000. Put at its […]

Year 5 statistics: holidays

Year 5 statistics: holidays What better topic for the end of April than sun and holidays? Summer is on its way and we have just published some great line graph worksheets on temperatures in various holiday locations, from Malaga to Brisbane, Australia. Line graphs are the main feature of the Year 5 Statistics Programme of […]

Measuring time in year 5

Year 5 train timetables: measuring time Reading and interpreting timetables is an important part of the Year 5 curriculum and it is something which some children find quite difficult. Our latest set of resources looks at train timetables across different parts of the country; e.g. Penzance to Bodmin, Bristol to Weymouth, York to Edinburgh and […]

Improper fractions and mixed numbers

Improper fractions and mixed numbers Fractions – everyone’s favourite maths topic! In real life some children find anything to do with fractions challenging if not incomprehensible. However, all is not lost if they are shown what fractions mean and how they relate to other numbers. In year 5 children will learn about mixed numbers and […]