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Year 5 weekly programme

Year 5 weekly programme The final six weeks of the year 5 weekly programme are now available and there is plenty of tricky work for these last weeks. Week 31 takes a look at large numbers, percentages, money problems, graphs and angle, as well as formal written methods of multiplication and subtraction. Week 32 concentrates […]

Reasoning worksheets for Year 5

Reasoning worksheets for Year 5 Many of our resources in all categories involve mathematical reasoning, but we also have a special area, called Reasoning/Problem Solving for each year group which really concentrates on this important aspect of Mathematics. We have just published four new sets of resources for Year 5 Reasoning on: •    Ordering decimals […]

Year 5 weekly programme: latest updates

Year 5 weekly programme: latest updates The year seems to be flying past and we are already into the summer term and our next collection of worksheets for the year 5 weekly programme are now available. Week 25 starts by looking at ordering large numbers and rounding to the nearest 10000 and 100000. The rest […]

Year 5 Weekly Programme

Year 5 Weekly Programme The next 6 weeks of the Year 5 Weekly Programme has been eagerly anticipated by those who are looking for a short package of material covering all the major topics for maths in Year 5, and now it is here! Week 19 takes a hard look at mental arithmetic and the […]

Year 5 Weekly Programme

Year 5 Weekly Programme We are continuing with our weekly programme for Year 5 with the next half term’s resources having just been published. Six weeks of mixed activities, covering a wide range of maths, although calculating is the main priority. Week 13 starts by looking at really large numbers with reading and writing numbers […]

Year 5 Assessment Paper

How well is your Year 5 child doing? We are delighted to publish the latest in our set of assessments for each year group, which are all available free of charge, even if you are not a subscriber. The latest Year 5 Assessment is based around the new primary curriculum and is a very comprehensive […]

Year 5 Weekly Programme updates

Year 5 Weekly Programme updates The next six weeks of our Year 5 Weekly Programme are now online and ready to use, taking us right through to Christmas. Week 7 takes a look at three types of number: multiples, prime numbers and square numbers, as well as plenty of mental multiplication and division. Solving single […]

Year 5 Statistics

Year  5 Statistics The new Programme of Study for Year 5 Statistics (once known as Data Handling)  is very brief as shown below: Statistics Pupils should be taught to: solve comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in a line graph complete, read and interpret information in tables, including timetables. We have just updated […]

Year 5 Weekly Maths Programme

New: Year 5 Weekly Maths Programme Recently we have had more enquiries about the possibility of a Year 5 weekly programme than any other topic, so, here we are, the first six weeks of a weekly programme for Year 5. For those who are short of time to browse the full range of worksheets, or […]

Year 5 fractions updates

Year 5 fractions updates The new primary maths programme of study really lays emphasis on teaching fractions; a topic which has always proved tricky in the past. In year 5 it is expected that children will be taught to: •    Compare fractions whose denominators are all multiples of the same number •    Find equivalent fractions […]