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Year 5: Written subtraction with zeros.

A particular type of subtraction question seems to cause more problems than almost any other kind, and that is where a ten needs to be ‘borrowed’ from the tens column but there is a zero in the tens. In this case the adjustment needs to be done from the hundreds to the tens and then […]

Year 5 In Out function machines

This week we have published a tricky set of worksheets suitable for Year 5. A rule is given, such as ‘Add 26’ and a table below the rule has to be completed. There are two columns in the table, IN and OUT. The calculation required depends on which part of the table is missing. This […]

Year 5 Multiplication and division hops

Here is a nice little set of multiplication and division worksheets. For each question there are two coloured arrows; one a multiplication (red) and one a division (yellow). One number has been put into the sequence and all the other numbers have to be worked out following the arrows. This is both good tables practice, […]

Year 5 Maths Worksheets

We have now launched a superb set of maths worksheets for Year 5 children, covering all aspects of maths at this age (9/10 yrs old). As there is so much to cover in this year group we have divided them up into categories and there is a brief summary of each category below: Counting and […]