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Year 6 Percentages Activities

Year 6 Percentages Activities Percentages are everywhere, whether it’s money off in a sale, bank interest rates or a comparison between the number of electric and petrol driven cars on the road. By Year 6 children should be familiar with the relationship between simple percentages and fractions such as 1/2, 1/4, 3/4 1/5 and 1/10 […]

On-screen Subtraction for Year 6

New! On-screen Subtraction for Year 6The National Curriculum has little new for the topic of subtraction in Year 6, as it is assumed that children have mastered both mental and written methods by the end of Year 5. However, if they are to maintain and improve these skills children will need to revise and practise […]

Year 6 Partitioning Decimals

Year 6 Partitioning DecimalsIn Year 6 children will meet numbers which include 3 decimal places and it is important that they are able to identify the value of each digit. Our latest set of pages looks at how a number such as 0.468 can be written in words, as a fraction and as a decimal. […]

Year 6 Fraction Activities

Year 6 Fraction ActivitiesWe continue with the new on-screen activities with four fraction games including converting decimals to fractions, adding fractions and multiplying fractions. Each activity concentrates on just one concept, ideal for reinforcing what has been learned during maths lessons.Go to Maths Games Year 6 Fractions

6 Maths Mastery

Year 6 Maths MasteryMaths Mastery Support MaterialsExciting news if you are a Year 6 teacher looking for material to support the maths mastery programme in your school.Great news for parents with children in Year 6 being taught using the maths mastery programme and are not sure how best to help.Beginning with the Autumn Term we […]

Years 5 and 6 Timed Subtraction Games

When working with large numbers it is not possible to answer lots of questions within one minute, but it is surprising just how many correct answers can be achieved with top-notch mental arithmetic skills. Four new games for Year 5 have just been published:• Subtract from 1,000• Subtract from 10,000• Subtract a multiple of 10,000• […]

Year 6 Order of Operations

By Year 6 children should be familiar with the idea of having rules to decide in what order mathematical operations are carried out.In its simplest form this can be described as BODMAS First do the operations that are in brackets. Then do any divisions. Thirdly do any multiplicationsLastly, do any additions and subtractions(A similar acronym […]

Year 6 Multiply and Divide Fractions

Multiplying fractions is in many ways the easiest of the operations when dealing with fractions. Put simply, there are three steps: multiply the top numbers (the numerators) multiply the bottom numbers (the denominators) simplify the fraction if necessaryWhilst this is quite easy, the reason why it works is more complex. Children are used to the […]

Year 6 Measurement Problems

A really tricky set of worksheets on measurement problems suitable for Year 6 has just been published. Questions such as,“A packet of pasta contains 1.6 kg of pasta.Tom needs 20 kg of pasta for his penne party.How many packets of pasta will Tom need?”This involves some careful thought because 1.6 does not divide exactly into […]

Year 6 Subtraction

Two new sets of subtraction worksheets for Year 6 are well worth looking at: • More completing subtraction sentencesCompleting tricky subtraction statements involving large numbers, but without resorting to written methods. Questions such as 400,000 – 30,000 = • Subtracting large numbers: word problemsWorking with numbers in the millions and using the formal written method […]