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The Ancient Egyptian method of multiplying

In year 6 most children will be familiar with the standard written method of multiplication which depends on a good knowledge of times tables, or multiplication tables. The Ancient Egyptians hadn’t quite worked out ‘times tables’ so that they had to use a different method of multiplying which involves ‘decomposing’ one of the numbers into […]

Year 6 mental arithmetic: Sets 7 and 8

This week’s mental arithmetic questions for Year 6 are all about fractions. They are looking mainly at equivalent fractions and checking that children know that: 1. there are two quarters in a half 2. there are ten tenths in one whole one 3. to find two tenths of a number, find one tenth by dividing […]

Year 6 Mental Arithmetic: Sets 5 and 6

This week our year 6 Mental Arithmetic questions concentrate on multiplying and dividing numbers. The first two questions are quite straightforward division eg share 72 by 9. There is a considerable body of opinion that as well as knowing tables (eg 8 x 9 = 72) children should also know the division facts off by […]

Year 6 Mental Arithmetic: Sets 3 and 4

We have now published the second in our series of sets of mental arithmetic questions, suitable for Year 6 (10/11 yrs old). This week we are looking in particular at doubling, products and multiplying fractions by ten. Being able to double numbers is a very powerful mental strategy and can really speed up mental calculations. […]

Year 6 maths worksheets: order of operations

When there are several operations in a number sentence (or expression) then there are certain rules that have to apply to ensure that everyone achieves the same correct answer. For example: 2 + 3 x 4 = This could be done in the order shown i.e. 2 + 3 = 5, 5 x 4 = […]

Year 6 Mental Arithmetic: Sets 1 and 2

This is the start of a whole new series of pages for year 6 mental arithmetic. Over the coming weeks we will be publishing 2 sets of 10 mental arithmetic questions each week. The first two sets of questions are basic revision and ideal to use at the start of the school term. They look […]

Long multiplication: 3-digits by 2-digits

This is the standard, or efficient method of multiplying. There are other methods of multiplying which are equally good but it is important that children keep to one method that they can become confident with. It presumes a good knowledge of tables. Without this knowledge the whole process can become slow and tedious. An important […]

Long multiplication: more 2-digit multiplication

Published today is another set of worksheets which give extra practice with multiplying two 2-digit numbers. We have had a number of requests for these as children do need a great deal of practice to become confident. Whilst we recommend placing a zero in the units and then multiplying by the tens digit first and […]

Long multiplication: 2-digits by 2-digits

Here are a set of practice pages for multiplying two, 2-digit numbers, using the standard, or efficient method. There are several different methods that children could use, but it is important that they get used to one way that they always use and become confident with it. A good knowledge of tables is necessary to […]

Short multiplication: 3-digits multiplied by 1-digit numbers

These pages show the standard short multiplication method. It is called short multiplication as opposed to long multiplication as all the separate steps are not laid out in a vertical fashion. Rather, the whole calculation is completed on a single line with the numbers carried forward written just below the line. It is the method […]

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