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Summertime begins and Maths SATs are coming

Summertime begins and Maths SATs are coming We are approaching one of the most important periods of time in school for children who are reaching the end of Key Stage 2. The KS2 Maths tests will be in May and now consist of three papers. The first paper is all about calculating, whilst papers 2 […]

KS2 SAT Booster pages on Money

KS2 SAT Booster pages on Money Problems involving money also come up on a regular basis in the KS2 Maths SATs, usually in the form of word problems which require two calculations to reach the correct answer. Frequently a section of square paper is given for children to work out the answer and a mark […]

Word problems in the KS2 Reasoning SAT Papers

Word problems in the KS2 Reasoning SAT Papers The new style KS2 SAT Reasoning Papers cover all aspects of maths, including calculating, but the questions on calculations are usually in the form of word problems. Children do find these harder than carrying out a straightforward number calculation, as they have to work out what to […]

Time Questions in the SAT Papers

Time Questions in the SAT Papers The SAT tests can be a worrying time for children and parents, but with our superb collection of revision materials there is every opportunity to do really well, and remember, the test has many questions from the year 4 and 5 programmes of study. Our latest pages look at […]

KS2 SAT Practice

KS2 SAT Practice: missing numbers on a multiplication grid A real favourite with the KS2 SAT writers is to show part of a multiplication square (or grid) with missing numbers. If a child has not come across this style of question before it can be rather puzzling, but as with most things, a little practice […]

KS2 Maths SAT Booster: ratio

KS2 Maths SAT Booster: ratio We continue to add to our superb collection of ‘booster’ worksheets to help children gain the best possible results in the KS2 maths tests. A favourite type of question in the last couple of reasoning papers has concerned ratio. One example might be: James was selling vanilla and chocolate ice […]

KS2 Booster: Statistics

KS2 Booster: Statistics The statistics (or data handling) questions on the new SAT papers tend to be more about calculating from tables and charts than interpreting graphs. Our latest sets of pages reflect this with plenty of examples very similar to those found on last year’s Reasoning SAT paper. Well worth a look if you […]

Coordinates in the KS2 Maths SATs

Coordinates in the KS2 Maths SATs Coordinate questions have been a favourite topic for the SAT tests for as long as they have been running. However, they are rarely straightforward, often asking to complete shapes on a grid including positive and negative coordinates. Once drawn a translation is often required. Our latest KS2 Booster pages […]

Algebra in KS2 SATs

Algebra in KS2 SATs There was a very poorly written question in last year’s SAT Paper regarding algebra and cooking times. The time for cooking meat was shown in terms of a number of minutes per kilo plus some extra time, but not in the usual way. This led to some confusion. However, we have […]

Year 6 Place Value

Year 6 Place Value New this week are two sets of worksheets on place value with decimal numbers for older children. The first looks at writing the value of a digit in a number as a decimal, a fraction and in words. The second buy ambien online rx takes a close look at decimals, including […]