Year 1 Division Games

Year 1 Division Games The work done on division in Year 1 is mainly of a practical nature, making equal groups from a given number of objects and sharing using 1:1 correspondence. Later pictorial representations can be used and this is where our new Year 1 division activities are really useful. Sharing into equal groups […]

International Day of Mathematics

International Day of Mathematics UNESCO has designated March 14th to be The International Day of Mathematics when students and the general public will be invited to take part in mathematical activities on the theme of: Mathematics is Everywhere. URBrainy has been providing resources which illustrate that mathematics is everywhere for many years, but this seems […]

KS2 Ratio in the SATs

KS2 Ratio in the SATs New this week are four sets of pages on ratio and proportion, based on questions found on last year’s reasoning papers. This is a subject that can be easily missed but the test writers like it and several questions crop up every year, so it is best to be really […]

Year 5 Reasoning and problem solving

Year 5 Reasoning and problem solving Expectations are high for children in Year 5 and this is especially true when it comes to reasoning and problem solving. Solving multi-step problems can be very tricky but we have just published two great sets of worksheets to help with this. The first uses bar models to help […]

Year 2 unlimited practice of subtraction

Year 2 unlimited practice of subtraction We have a really thorough collection of on-screen resources for children to practice subtraction skills in Year 2 and this week we have just added four further activities. Our latest activities are very specific mental arithmetic skills: • Subtracting 9 from any 2-digit number • Subtracting 19 from any […]

Fairy Tales: Little Red Riding Hood

Fairy Tales Little Red Riding Hood The origin of Little Red Riding Hood has been lost in the mists of time, but it can certainly be traced back to before the 17th century. The one we know is based on the Grimm brothers version of the 1800s. Today we have published 8 great new sets […]

Year 1 Number Lines and Tracks (harder)

Year 1 Number Lines and Tracks (harder) Four great new sets of pages on counting up to 20 are now available. Shaped in spirals the number tracks have plenty of gaps which need filling, finding consecutive and non-consecutive missing numbers in the sequences with no pictorial help. Before using number tracks children should have had […]

Year 2 Reading and writing numbers

Year 2 Reading and writing numbers We have had several requests for more on reading and writing numbers up to 50 for Year 2 children and here they are! Three new sets looking at numbers in the twenties, thirties and forties. Simple, but very useful for spelling as well. Go to Year 2 Number and […]

Year 4 Money

Year 4 Money In Year 4 I cannot think of a more important topic in maths than money. It is a time for children to really master understanding pounds and pence and the use of decimals. By the end of the year they should be confident with writing money using decimal notation (e.g. £3.45) as […]

KS2 Maths Booster Statistics questions

KS2 Maths Booster Statistics questions Children must not be put under undue pressure in the lead up to the KS2 Maths SATs, but it is important that their SATs results reflect their true ability. We’ve found the best way to assure this is by increasing confidence and reducing stress in the run up to the […]