Reasoning in Year 1

Reasoning in Year 1 Reasoning and problem solving is an important part of the Year 1 curriculum, and we pride ourselves on having some of the best resources available anywhere. With over 50 sets of pages in Year 1 alone, there is plenty to challenge children’s mathematical thinking and encourage them to work in a […]

Standard English

Standard English One of the main aims of the national curriculum is that everyone should be able to use Standard English when writing. The grammar work found on the site is aimed at this but we have also just published four sets of worksheets concentrating on the difference between Standard English and non-Standard English. Each […]

Problem solving activities for Year 6

Year 6: Maths Rats holiday costs Working out the best deals for a holiday can be a tricky task and this is certainly true for our latest problem solving activities for Year 6. A variety of discounts and offers are available for trips to Llandudno, Snowdonia and Anglesey; but which are the best value for […]

Decimals in Year 4

Decimals in Year 4 In Year 4 a great emphasis is placed on understanding decimals as is shown in the Maths Mastery programmes which give up to 5 solid weeks on just decimals. To help children really get to grips with this we will be increasing our already extensive range of resources over the next […]

Year 2: Subtraction

Year 2 Subtraction We have a superb collection of worksheets for subtraction in Year 2, with over 40 sets, each focussed on one particular skill. This week we have added more pages which look at: • Subtracting small numbers in columns Subtracting using columns is introduced in Year 2 beginning with single digit numbers before […]

Maths Mastery

Have you enough variety to choose from in your Maths Mastery resources? Fantastic news for all those using a maths mastery approach: we have just added a whole selection of on-screen activities for the Year 1 Spring Term Block on adding and subtracting up to 20. Don’t forget we also have some great support materials […]

Year 4 Maths Mastery resources for Spring Term

Year 4 Maths Mastery resources for Spring Term Our new Maths Mastery resources for Year 4 provide great support for all children who are following such a programme. This is the term where Year 4 children really get to grips with multiplication and division, including knowing multiplication facts for the 11x and 12x tables. However, […]

Year 4 Fractions

Year 4 Fractions In the latest national curriculum there is a great emphasis on fractions and our Year 4 category reflects this, with an excellent range of resources. New this week we have further worksheets on: • Understanding fractions and equivalence between fractions • Understanding improper fractions and converting to mixed numbers • Continuing sequences […]

Year 3 Multiplication on-screen activities

Year 3 Multiplication on-screen activities Brand new on-screen resources to help with learning the 3x, 4x and 8x tables are now available. Offering unlimited practice, the games include using arrays, adding equal groups and bar models. These really are a great help with understanding multiplication and learning times tables and not to be missed. Perfect […]

KS2 SAT Booster: Measurement

KS2 SAT Booster: Measurement We continue to study past SAT Papers in detail and this week take a close look at measurement questions that have come up recently. There is often a relatively easy question, such as how many days are there in 3 consecutive months, but of course, this is only easy if the […]