KS2 SATS Update

KS2 SATS Update The KS2 SATs underwent a major reform a couple of years ago and the papers are significantly different. There are now three separate Maths papers. Paper 1 is an arithmetic paper where children have to answer fixed calculation questions. This is testing their mental maths skills as well as their written calculating […]

Year 1 Counting

Year 1 Counting One of the big challenges for children in Year 1 is counting in twos, fives and tens. This will need plenty of practice and should only be introduced once they are comfortable with counting on in ones up to 100. We have a wide selection of pages on early counting, including using […]

Free resources for Valentine’s Day

Free resources for Valentine’s Day Linking maths to seasonal events is often a great idea so why not add a topical twist to your maths lessons by using our Valentine’s Day worksheets? We have a fun selection of maths worksheets, all with a Valentine’s Day theme and all absolutely free for non-members. For younger children […]

English Grammar: Noun Phrases and Noun Modifiers

English Grammar: Noun Phrases and Noun Modifiers The teaching of grammar has made huge strides forward over the past few years with primary children becoming familiar with a range of terms including verbs, adverbs, conjunctions etc. Two terms which children may not have met before are ‘noun phrase’ and ‘noun modifier’. A noun phrase is […]

Year 1 Time

Year 1 Time When we think of teaching time the first thing to come to mind is telling the time on a clock face, at first to the hour and half hour. However, in Year 1 there is a good deal more to consider, as is shown in the Measurement strand of the National Curriculum: […]

Fronted Adverbials

English : Fronted Adverbials Another tricky name for a simple idea. A fronted adverbial is an adverb or adverbial phrase that has been moved to the start of the sentence. Usually the adverb goes next to the verb but fronted adverbials can be used to create a more interesting sentence, just by rearranging the word […]

Year 6 SATs Fractions

Year 6 SATs Fractions Our SAT Practice Booster resources are among the very best to be found anywhere. We have studied the types of question that have come up over the past four years and there are certain questions which recur again and again. To help children become confident and successful we have provided many […]

Year 4 Multiplication

Year 4 Multiplication An interesting Year 4 set of worksheets on multiplication has just been published. Numbers on digit cards are shown and children are asked to find all the possible combinations of 2-digit numbers multiplied by 1-digit. Once this has been completed there are further questions such as finding the totals of the highest […]

Year 1 doubling small numbers

Year 1 doubling small numbers Children who are good at maths have memorised a lot of facts. There are two ways of doing this, by understanding or by rote learning. It is important in Year 1 that children begin to know the doubles of small numbers. Committing doubling facts to memory allows a child to […]

Year 2 Measurement

Year 2 Measurement In Year 2 children will measure using centimetres but they will also begin to measure larger objects using metres, perhaps with a metre stick. When measuring it is important to use the most suitable unit; for example, when it would be sensible to measure in metres rather than cm and what would […]