Multiplication in Year 4

Multiplication in Year 4 The MTC (Mathematics Tables Check) is obviously going to be a main area of concern for Year 4 teachers as the voluntary pilot will soon be in full flow and many children will be taking the check for the first time. We have a great set of resources both to help […]

New timed challenges for times tables

New this week: great timed activities for times tables, year 1 and 2 position and direction, time in year 3, converting measurements in year 5 and fractions in year 6. Timed challenges for times tables Just how many times table questions can you answer in a minute? Find out now: tables from 2 times up […]

Easter worksheets

Easter worksheets The Easter holidays are also just around the corner and what better time to remind you of our great Easter maths worksheets which are completely free (they don’t count towards credits used, either as a member or whilst on trial.) The first sets of fun worksheets for younger children include counting two sets […]

Fractions, money and improving sentences all new this week.

 We have published a wide range of new resources over the past two weeks. Our fraction pages for Years 1, 3 and 5 illustrate the challenges that children now need to meet and we also have new pages on money in Year 4, negative numbers in Year 6 as well as some great English Grammar […]

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Booster help for the KS2 Maths Reasoning Papers

Booster help for the KS2 Maths Reasoning Papers Did you know that we have over 350 pages of questions, with answers, to cover the areas of maths that have come up in the last three years Maths SATs Reasoning Papers? These are aimed at all children, whether they are struggling or flying high. Just a […]

New this week

New this week: Year 1 Multiplication, Year 2 Time, Year 4 Decimals, Year 5 Subtraction.   New for Year 1: more colourful pages to help with adding equal groups as an introduction to multiplication. Year 1: Multiply Year 2: fabulous new worksheets for telling the time to the half hour, quarter hour and 5 minutes. […]

Conjunctions worksheets

Conjunctions worksheets The new primary curriculum includes the understanding and use of conjunctions across several years. In Year 1 children will be expected to use and to join clauses. In Year 2 co-ordinating conjunctions such as or and but are introduced, as well as subordinate conjunctions, including when, if, that and because. In year 3 […]

Free multiplication tables check

Great news: you now have access to a free multiplication tables check (MTC). Does your child have a brilliant knowledge of times tables? The Government wants to know. The MTC (Multiplication Tables Check) has been created for the Government to find out the answer to the above question. Every June there will be an online, […]

Year 1 Time

Year 1 Time Time is a crucial part of work in Year 1 and should not just be restricted to reading clock faces. Being able to sequence events is important, including using language such as before and after, next, today, yesterday and tomorrow. Children are expected to recognise and use days of the week and […]

Adverbs of place and time

Adverbs of place and time An adverb of place tells us where something is happening. An adverb of place can be one word, such as ‘here’ and ‘outside’ or it can be an adverbial phrase such as, ‘past the shop’. Sometimes adverbial phrases, including adverbs of place can be put at the start of a […]