Year 4 Multiplication

Year 4 is a big year for understanding both times tables and written multiplication. Our latest pages use bar models to help visualise multiplication and images to help with understanding multiplication by 11 and 12. We have an extensive range of multiplication pages and don’t forget that we also have unlimited practice for the MTC […]

New: Monthly Free Resources

The response to our Free Home Study Packs has been hugely positive and with this in mind we have decided to launch an entirely new initiative in which we make available a selection of our very best maths resources entirely free each month.This month’s free resources concentrate on number and place value in each year […]

Year 1 Sorting Data

Over the last few months we have been inundated with statistics as never before and the ability to interpret graphs and charts is more important than it has ever been. It is slightly surprising therefore that statistics is not included in the new Maths Programme of Study for Year 1. We believe that children should […]

Year 4 Measurement Puzzles

Just published – a set of interesting little puzzles for children in Year 4 to solve. A grid of measurements is shown where each line across and down adds up to the same distance. A part of the grid is missing and all that needs to be done is find the missing measurements. All sounds […]

Graphs and Tables in Year 5

There’s plenty for children to enjoy in the Year 5 Statistics programme. At first they will need to consolidate how to interpret tables and charts before moving on to line graphs. It is important that children are shown the difference between discrete data and continuous data as shown on a line graph.This week we have […]

Shopping and Money in Year 2

Shopping and Money in Year 2There’s plenty to cover on the topic of money in Year 2. Children will be expected to recognize all coins, find totals of coins and find change. They will also be expected to work with whole pounds and we have just published three new sets of worksheets to add to […]

Year 4 Addition and Subtraction

If children are to become really confident with the basic skills of addition and subtraction it is important to spend a good amount time on practising them. In Year 4 children start to use written methods to add and subtract larger numbers in the thousands, but this depends on a sound understanding of mental methods, […]

Year 5 Number On-screen Activities

In Year 5 children are expected to work with 6-digit numbers, reading and writing them, ordering, comparing and rounding them. Our newest sets of on-screen activities are ideal at providing unlimited practice for:• comparing 6-digit numbers using <, > and = signs• finding multiples of 10,000 more or less than a given number• rounding to […]

Reception: Comparing numbers

Our latest set of pages for later Reception covers two early aspects of maths; recognising the numerals from 0 to 9 and using the term ‘larger than’ to compare two numbers.These pages are great because they show the number as a figure but each one also has the equivalent number of dots within the number […]

Year 1 Addition

The importance of understanding number and addition at the beginning of Year 1 cannot be underestimated, particularly at this time when most children coming into Year 1 have missed the last term of reception. It is important, therefore, to have plenty of simple addition activities to encourage knowledge of number bonds to 10. We have […]