Year 2 Mastery of Number

Year 2 Mastery of Number Bar modelling is a very powerful strategy as it allows children to visualise maths concepts to solve problems. More and more teachers are using this approach. We have just published a new set of worksheets using bar modelling to help with understanding tens and ones. Our second new set of […]

KS2 SATs Algebra

KS2 SATs Algebra It is getting very close to this year’s KS2 SATs for Year 6 children but a little last-minute work can make quite a difference to overall marks. Why not take a quick look at our latest algebra pages, very similar to those found on previous papers and certainly some of the harder […]

Direct and Indirect Speech

Direct and Indirect Speech The famous fable, ‘The Wolf and the Lamb’ is the subject of our latest English worksheets, suitable for KS2. There are two parts to this work. The first has the tale written in indirect speech and children are asked to rewrite it in direct speech. For those who are competent with […]

Mesolithic Britain

Mesolithic Britain Imagine a world with no cities, no shopping centres, no T.V. or internet, not even schools, paper or pencils. Welcome to our latest sets of worksheets on Prehistoric Britain. Our brand new sets of worksheets look at the Mesolithic era, or middle stone age period, from around 10 000 BC to about 4 […]

Year 5 Reasoning: Day’s Out

Year 5 Reasoning: Day’s Out Appearances can be deceptive. Our latest Year 5 reasoning worksheets look incredibly simple – just one question on a page and plenty of graphics showing fun days out to the zoo, water park etc. In reality they require a great deal of work; for instance, to decide whether a 3 […]

Easter Worksheets

Free Easter Worksheets Great news: the clocks have gone forward and we can look forward to a lovely, bright spring and summer with more time to enjoy ourselves outside in the evenings. The Easter holidays are also just around the corner and what better time to remind you of our great Easter maths worksheets which […]

Summertime begins and Maths SATs are coming

Summertime begins and Maths SATs are coming We are approaching one of the most important periods of time in school for children who are reaching the end of Key Stage 2. The KS2 Maths tests will be in May and now consist of three papers. The first paper is all about calculating, whilst papers 2 […]

Year 3 Sharing Money

Year 3 Sharing Money Not the normal style of question on division that Year 3 children will come across, these money problems are fun but require some thinking about. A collection of coins needs to be split equally between three children. The total of the coins has to be worked out and then the coins […]

KS2 SAT Booster pages on Money

KS2 SAT Booster pages on Money Problems involving money also come up on a regular basis in the KS2 Maths SATs, usually in the form of word problems which require two calculations to reach the correct answer. Frequently a section of square paper is given for children to work out the answer and a mark […]

English grammar: Pronouns

English grammar: Pronouns Our writing would be terribly tedious without the help of pronouns. When a noun has been used once it can then be replaced by a pronoun, saving endless repetition. e.g. John ate some crisps. Then he drank a can of cola. The pronoun (he) stops us having to keep repeating the name […]