Year 5 Perimeter

Year 5 Perimeter Two new sets of worksheets on the perimeter of shapes have just been published for Year 5. These shapes are called, ‘composite rectilinear shapes’ in the National Curriculum, which means they are made up of several rectangles. Usually only some of the lengths of the sides are given and children have to […]

Year 4 Multiplication: Missing Digits

Year 4 Multiplication: Missing Digits When children are learning how to do the formal written method of multiplication it is a good idea to maintain interest by varying the type of exercise whilst keeping to the correct method. A popular task with those advocating mastery in maths has been to provide the whole calculation but […]

Year 2 and 3: Measuring Length

Year 2 and 3: Measuring Length Measuring length is the subject of our latest Year 2 worksheets. With two sets on measuring using centimetres, two on choosing the best unit to measure with and a further two on comparing lengths, they are part of a great collection of measurement pages. Of course, much of the […]

Year 1: Place Value

Year 1: Place Value Six of the very best sets of colourful worksheets, all on place value for Year 1, are now available to print and download. These are particularly suitable for use in the spring term when children are ready to deal with numbers up to 50. Pictorial representation is still very important to […]

Year 4 More Equivalent Fractions

Year 4 More Equivalent Fractions Some great new pages on equivalent fractions for Year 4. I especially like the section where children are asked to place fractions in the correct boxes depending on whether they are less than, equal to or more than a quarter. The more practice children have with equivalent fractions the more […]

Year 2 Counting Back

Year 2 Counting Back Counting forms a major part of Year 2 maths, including counting on in threes, fives and tens up to at least 100. We have just published three new resources on counting back in threes, fives and tens. To begin with there could be a good deal of finger work by children […]

Year 1 Tally Charts and Pictograms

Year 1 Tally Charts and Pictograms It is a great idea to introduce children to tally charts and simple pictograms in Year 1 and we have just added two new resources. The first is a set of pages on tally charts including counting the traffic and interpreting a tally chart on zoo animals. The second […]

Maths Mastery

Year 1 Mastery programme: Block 5: Consolidation The final block of the term is just one week on consolidation and what better way to go over what has been covered than by using some fun Christmas themes. Counting stockings and hats, ordering numbers of Christmas puddings and comparing numbers of baubles are just some of […]

Place Value grids

Year 5 and Year 6 Place Value grids Place value grids are great for helping children understand the value of digits and writing larger numbers correctly. Our latest set of pages require looking at 5-digit numbers displayed on a place value grid and writing the amounts shown in words and figures. Once this has been […]

Year 4 Addition and Subtraction

Year 4 Addition and Subtraction With addition in Year 4 the emphasis is on adding numbers up to 4 digits using the formal written method of columnar addition. We have a great selection of pages to help children master this and this week we have published some interesting new pages on using written methods but […]