Year 5 Compare Large Numbers

Year 5 Compare Large Numbers New this week is a set of one minute challenges for Year 5, all to do with number. These on-screen activities include comparing multiples of 10,000 and finding 10,000 more or less than large numbers, with just one minute to answer as many as possible – a real challenge! Go […]

Year 4 Fractions and Decimal Activities

Fractions and decimals get trickier in Year 4 and our latest on-screen activities provide an ideal opportunity to practise the following skills:• Converting fractions (tenths) to decimals• Converting decimals to fractions• Comparing decimals• Finding equivalent fractions• Comparing fractions• Adding fractions• Subtracting fractions. For those children who are hesitant about working with fractions these provide unlimited […]

Chinese New Year

New! Chinese New YearChinese New Year is the biggest festival in China and it is celebrated by Chinese communities worldwide. It usually begins sometime between 21st January and 20th February, at the start of the new moon. This year it starts on 1st February. Imagine the night sky lit with masses of colourful lights, lantern […]

Find Fractions On-screen Activities

We have just published 5 new sets of fractions activities including asking children to find a half or a quarter of small numbers, as well as finding tenths of shapes. It is always good to remind children that they can find a quarter of a number by finding half and then half again. Converting decimals […]

Year 2 On-screen Shape Activities

Three important targets for Year 2 are covered in our new on-screen activities for Year 2. They are: • Identifying the number of faces on 3D shapes• Identifying 2D shapes• Continuing patterns. These are all quick and easy to play and provide excellent practice and consolidation of skills learned in practical ways. Go to Games: […]

Year 1 Measurement On-screen Activities

A great deal of fun can be had helping children to understand measurement and standard units. The language of measurement, using terms such as longest, tallest and shortest, can be introduced as children are asked to put a selection of items in order of size. At first measurement can be done using non-standard units such […]

On-screen Subtraction for Year 6

New! On-screen Subtraction for Year 6The National Curriculum has little new for the topic of subtraction in Year 6, as it is assumed that children have mastered both mental and written methods by the end of Year 5. However, if they are to maintain and improve these skills children will need to revise and practise […]

More Nursery Rhymes for KS1

New! More Nursery Rhymes for KS1 Activities linked to four more nursery rhymes are now available for KS1. Little Boy Blue, Little Jack Horner, Old Mother Hubbard and Little Miss Muffett are our latest rhymes. Nursery rhymes are a powerful source of rhythm and pattern in language, often having repetitive phrases making them easy to […]

Year 5 Fraction Activities

New! Year 5 Fraction ActivitiesFractions and decimals play a large part in the Year 5 curriculum and we have just published eight new activities which give children unlimited practice for key areas. The activities cover:• Recognising equivalent fractions• Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers• Finding fractions of amounts• Adding fractions• Subtracting fractions• Finding decimals with […]

Christmas Worksheets

Christmas Worksheets Don’t forget we have a wide range of Christmas related worksheets for all year groups and we have just added 3 more sets specifically for Year 5 featuring:• Converting time when cooking• Days out• Christmas shopping lists. Take a look at all our Christmas themed pages at: Maths Further Resources Special Occasions