Time worksheets: Read the time to the quarter hour

We’ve had several requests recently for some worksheets on time so, here they are! To start with we have published four sets on reading the time to the quarter hour. This can be quite tricky when converting times such as 3:45 to a quarter to four. You may also notice that we have moved Time […]

Resource of the Week: Comparing size

This is taken from our range of colourful resources for our members which looks at all aspects of shape and measurement for young children.  At this age, measurement is about comparisons between things and standard units of measurement such as centimetres are not introduced until much later. So we begin with simple comparisons of size, […]

Change from £1 maths worksheets

We start the New Year with a set of four maths worksheets on finding change from £1. Most of the questions  use only multiples of 10p which should be quite easy. However, the last two questions on each page use multiples of 5p; eg find the change from £1 if you spend 35p. Watch out […]

Year 1 addition: Brainwhizz challenge

There are two sets of ten questions on each of the four pages of these resources, which can be used as a quick assessment as to how well addition has been learnt. The questions cover addition of two single digit numbers. There are several stages to go through when learning these facts. Firstly, to use […]

Resource of the Week: New Year Maths Worksheets

All the excitement of Christmas is over but New Year is a great time for your child to make some resolutions, and who knows we might even get some snow! Here are four fun maths pages for your child to try with a theme of the new year. This is just one of a fantastic […]

Year 2 maths worksheets: Dividing by 10 with remainders

This maths worksheet contains a straightforward set of questions on dividing 2-digit numbers by ten, with remainders. It is aimed at children in Year 2 who are just getting to grips with division and know their ten times order ambien internet table. The best way to do these is to go through the ten times […]

What’s New: Subtracting whole hundreds

With Christmas coming up very soon this is the final set of pages in our mini series on subtraction for year 2, which looks at subtracting a pair of multiples of 100. They show how important it is for children to learn their number bonds to 10, that is, they buy ambien online overnight delivery […]

What’s New: Subtract numbers either side of 100

Sometimes the easiest way to carry out a subtraction question is to do it by counting up, or adding on, from the smaller number to the larger number. This is often the case when the two numbers are close to each other but either side of the hundreds boundary. For example, 102 – 97 can […]

Resource of the Week: Counting on in tens

When children are very confident with counting in ones and they have also worked with larger numbers in the teens, they can be introduced to counting up in whole tens. At first this will be up to 100. These four worksheets give plenty of practice at writing the whole tens that come before and after […]

What’s New: Subtract 19 from 2-digit numbers

A much harder set of questions on these four worksheets. This time we are looking at taking away 19 from 2-digit numbers. Usually the easiest way to do this is to subtract 20 and then add one to the answer. If the number has a 9 in the units it is probably easier to just […]