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Angles on a straight line

Recognising angles where they meet at a point, are on a straight line, or are vertically opposite, and finding missing angles, are all part of the new Year 6 Programme of Study and will no doubt feature heavily in future year 6 SAT papers. We have just published our first set of worksheets on calculating […]

Year 4: Position and Angle Concepts

1. Position, direction and co-ordinates Children should be familiar with all the words from previous years plus the following and should be able to use, read and write them: position, direction, ascend, descend, journey, route, map, plan, grid, row, column, origin, co-ordinates, compass, point, north, south, east, west, north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west, horizontal, vertical, diagonal. […]

Recognising right angles

You can find plenty of pages on the internet on addition, subtraction, multiplication etc but it is much harder to find good quality worksheets on shape and measures. Here we have sets which provide activities to help with recognising right angles. There are plenty of examples of right angles around the home or the classroom […]