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Conjunctions worksheets

Conjunctions worksheets The new primary curriculum includes the understanding and use of conjunctions across several years. In Year 1 children will be expected to use and to join clauses. In Year 2 co-ordinating conjunctions such as or and but are introduced, as well as subordinate conjunctions, including when, if, that and because. In year 3 […]

More on conjunctions

More on conjunctions Conjunctions form an important part of the new primary curriculum and we have just published two excellent sets suitable for middle primary children. The first looks at because, so and so that; known as conjunctions of cause or reason. These words introduce the reason for an event. e.g. The road was blocked […]

Conjunctions and prepositions

Superbly written worksheets on conjunctions and prepositions have just been added to the site. A conjunction is a joining word, connecting two parts of the sentence, whilst a subordinate conjunction is used when a sentence has two parts, or clauses, one main clause¬† and one subordinate, (dependent on the main clause). The subordinate conjunction provides […]