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Coordinates in the KS2 Maths SATs

Coordinates in the KS2 Maths SATs Coordinate questions have been a favourite topic for the SAT tests for as long as they have been running. However, they are rarely straightforward, often asking to complete shapes on a grid including positive and negative coordinates. Once drawn a translation is often required. Our latest KS2 Booster pages […]

Year 6 co-ordinates

Year 6 co-ordinates Using co-ordinates with games such as Battleships can be really fun, but the co-ordinate questions that come up on a regular basis in the Year 6 SAT papers tend to be quite tricky. By Year 6, children should be able to plot and interpret buy ambien prescription online points in all four […]

SAT Paper A 2011 question on coordinates

23a 13 for the x coordinate               Award one mark 23b. 15 for the y coordinate                  Award one mark If the answer is written as (15,13) award one mark. Accept unambiguous answers written on the diagram rather than in the answer box. Suggested Method: A coordinates grid without the axes labelled is a favourite with the […]