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Counting in Year 1

Counting in Year 1 New this week are sets of beautifully illustrated worksheets on counting on in tens, completing number lines and finding missing numbers in number sentences, all for Year 1 children. With over 60 sets of worksheets, most containing 4 pages each, this must surely be one of the best, if not the […]

Early Reception Counting Worksheets Updated

Early Reception Counting Worksheets Updated The ability to calculate mentally lies at the heart of success with number and the importance of a good start cannot be over emphasised. Some children will only be four when they start in Reception, others will only have two terms before moving on to Year 1. Some will have […]

New worksheets for Year 1

We are constantly looking to improve our selection of worksheets in year 1, even though we already have over 2000 pages. This week we have added three more terrific sets of pages on counting and reading and writing numbers.

Year 2 counting in threes and fives

Year 2 counting in threes and fives Learning to count in different sized steps is still really important in Year 2. Our latest counting worksheets for are both quite tricky and should only be given when children are very confident and accurate with counting up to 100 in steps of one. Starting with a 2-digit […]

Counting in fours, eights and fifties

The new Maths Programme of Study for Maths for year 3 states that children should be taught to count in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100.  We have many counting worksheets, but not specifically on counting in fours, eights and fifties; so we thought that now was the time to add these resources. With […]

Counting up to 20 in Year 1

It is very easy to assume that children can count, but it is something that does need practice. Rhymes such as ‘One, two, three, four, five, Once I caught a fish alive….’ are really helpful when beginning to learn to count but there are less of these when it comes to the teen numbers. The […]

More caterpillar counting

This investigation is aimed at younger children, probably years one or two, although it can be used with older children to explore all possible combinations and reflections. There are many routes through the caterpillar, the shortest possible going through 5 circles. How many different ways of going through 5 circles can be found? How can […]

Year 3 Counting and Number concepts

Here we have a brief summary of some of the most important maths concepts to be taught in Year 3. More detail is available via the link below and on the urbrainy.com website. 1. Counting Making progress with counting will still be important in year 3, using up to three digit numbers. Grouping into tens […]

Year 2 maths worksheets: reading 3-digit numbers

An abacus is an excellent way to help children realise the importance of place value. This week we have published two sets of year 2 maths worksheets on the abacus. The first asks children to read the numbers from the abacus and the second asks for an abacus to be drawn. All numbers are 3-digit, […]

Year 2: Counting on in fives

Plenty of practice here at counting on in fives, right up to 100. As confidence grows children should recognise the patterns involved with counting in fives. The units digit is always a five or zero. They alternate, also making odd and even numbers. Don’t mistake the ability to count up in fives with knowing the […]