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New Year 3 Money Worksheets

New Year 3 Money Worksheets Making amounts using notes is the subject of our latest colourful Year 3 Money pages. Questions such as: ‘How many £5 notes do you need to make £65?’ can be done mentally, or children may well need to work practically, using £5 notes to count on in fives up to […]

Year 3 Sharing Money

Year 3 Sharing Money Not the normal style of question on division that Year 3 children will come across, these money problems are fun but require some thinking about. A collection of coins needs to be split equally between three children. The total of the coins has to be worked out and then the coins […]

Year 3 money

Year 3 money Learning to calculate with money really takes off in Year 3 and there are many activities which will help with this, both practical using coins and on paper with worksheets, including: Exchanging pence for £1,10p and 1p coins. For example: give 456 pence in £1, 10p and 1p coins (four £1 coins, […]

Year 1 Money

Year  1 Money: supermarket shopping using notes Most money work in Year 1 is done using small coins, but we also have a great selection of notes, ranging from £5 to £50. They are a great way to help with counting in fives and tens but we have also just published a superb set of […]

Year 3 money worksheets

Year 3 money worksheets Our year 3 money category is very comprehensive, but we have just added a further two sets of worksheets to stretch the more able. The first set looks at adding a number of coins to make a total above £1. Coins provide the ideal opportunity to count on in twos, fives, […]

Money and coins in Year 1

Money and coins in Year 1 Working with coins in practical contexts is both an effective way to become confident with money, but also helps with addition and subtraction. One of the best resources in a classroom or at home is a collection of real coins or plastic coins. At the beginning of Year 1 […]

Money worksheets in Year 3

Money worksheets in Year 3: combinations of coins One of the key areas for children in Year 3 is to become fluent in recognising the value of coins, adding and subtracting amounts and giving change. Using money confidently is one of the key life skills all children should have. We have an excellent collection of […]

Year 2 money and coins

Year 2 money and coins If there is one area of maths that children really do need to be proficient in to cope in the world around them, then it is money. In Year 2 children should be familiar with all the coins we use: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, £1 and £2. An important […]

Money worksheets: change from notes

Money worksheets: change from notes (years 2, 3 and 4) This week we have been concentrating on writing more worksheets on money; always a popular subject! The first set is for Year 2 and look at finding change from a £10 note, a £20 note and a £50 note. Probably the best way to do […]

Teaching about money in year 1

Teaching about money in year 1 We have a great selection of money worksheets for Year 1 children, but have just added four more sets. Traditionally children have been introduced to coins first and the class shop usually had items costing pence rather than pounds. However, with children now expected to recognise and know the […]