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Year 6 Place Value

Year 6 Place Value New this week are two sets of worksheets on place value with decimal numbers for older children. The first looks at writing the value of a digit in a number as a decimal, a fraction and in words. The second buy ambien online rx takes a close look at decimals, including […]

New worksheets: Year 4 Number and Place Value

New worksheets: Year 4 Number and Place Value We have just published two sets of Year 4 maths worksheets which are proving to be very popular. The first looks at ordering football attendances with numbers beyond 1000, whilst the second looks at ordering the prices of holidays/cruises beyond 1000. Both these form a part of […]

Reasoning about place value in Year 3

Reasoning about place value in Year 3 Place value is one of the fundamental concepts of the primary maths curriculum. Place value is all about the value of a number, depending on the position or place it is in. For example the value of 3 in 234 is different from the value of the 3 […]

Hundreds tens and units

Hundreds, tens and units are introduced in Year 2, but if children are to really understand these numbers they need to have a good understanding of place value. For example, in the number 234 the digit 4 has a value of 4 the digit 3 has a value of 30 and the digit 2 has […]

What’s New: Know what each digit represents

These four worksheets cover one of the most important concepts in our number system, that is, place value. The digit 7 has a different value, depending on its position within the number. In 765 it has a value of 700; in 675 it has a value of 70 and in 567 it has a value […]