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Year 3 Reasoning

Year 3 Reasoning The Reasoning categories are some of my favourite resources as they are all about putting mathematical knowledge and understanding to good use. Our latest resources for Year 3 Reasoning and Problem Solving include place value, number facts and money but there is a wealth of other material there and well worth a […]

Year 2 Reasoning worksheets

Year 2 Reasoning worksheets Logical thinking, experimenting, working in a systematic way, recording accurately and checking that results are correct are all essential parts of mathematics. We have just published further great pages on Reasoning for Year 2 which will need all of the above skills to be answered successfully. We have one of the […]

Year 1 Reasoning: sorting

Year 1 Reasoning: sorting As well as rapid recall of knowledge children are also expected to show that they can reason, generalise and justify answers. This, of course, takes a lot of practice and our most recent Year 1 pages on sorting are just the thing to help develop this. Children are asked to sort […]

Year 1 Reasoning

Year 1 Reasoning One of my favourite types of activity: using a selection of number cards to answer ‘How many ways can you make ….. ?’ style questions. An important part of this is for children to describe in their own words what they are doing, how they can be certain they are correct, or […]

Year 2 Reasoning

Year 2 Reasoning Many schools are now trying a ‘mastery programme’ as used in Singapore and other parts of the Far East, to give children a deep understanding and fluency in the fundamentals of maths. Reasoning is an essential part of this. Our very latest reasoning pages look at place value and how many different […]

KS2 SAT Calculations on the Reasoning Paper

KS2 SAT Calculations on the Reasoning Paper It is not too long now before the Year 6 tests and we have just published four new sets of questions to help with some of the harder style questions on the KS2 Maths Reasoning Paper. The first looks at multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and […]

Reasoning in Year 3: Money Problems

Reasoning in Year 3: Money Problems Our latest sets of worksheets for Year 3 on money problem solving are now available. The pages are really bright and colourful but the maths is tricky. For most of the questions two separate calculations need to be carried out to reach the answer. The questions are pictorial, with […]

Reasoning in Year 1

Reasoning in Year 1: shopping and money Some of my favourite worksheets of recent times have just been published for Year 1. They provide rich problem solving activities for those who have mastered the basic addition and subtraction skills. The shopping and money worksheets are bright and colourful as well as having little writing, but […]

Year 4 Reasoning and Problem Solving

Year 4 Reasoning and Problem Solving One of the key issues in primary maths at the moment is how to develop children’s reasoning and problem solving skills. In the classroom children are being asked more and more to solve mathematical problems and to explain the reasoning behind their choice of method. Explanations can be oral […]

Year 1 reasoning in mathematics

Year 1 reasoning in mathematics Children who have an excellent understanding of number in the early years have a far better chance of becoming excellent mathematicians than those who don’t. Therefore, it is well worthwhile spending a lot of time on mastering key topics at this age, building confidence and a solid understanding. Future mathematical […]