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Reasoning in Year 1

Reasoning in Year 1 Reasoning and problem solving is an important part of the Year 1 curriculum, and we pride ourselves on having some of the best resources available anywhere. With over 50 sets of pages in Year 1 alone, there is plenty to challenge children’s mathematical thinking and encourage them to work in a […]

Year 4 reasoning about rounding

Year 4 reasoning about rounding We have a great many reasoning maths worksheets in Year 4 and have just published a further set on rounding. Rather than just asking for a particular number to round, the questions give rise to several possible answers. For example: I have two different numbers. They both round to 30 […]

Year 4: Finding Missing Values

Year 4: Finding Missing Values Would you like to introduce algebra in a fun, jolly way? If so, take a look at our latest Year 4 pages on finding the missing values. Different ‘ratty characters’ have values which buy ambien need to be worked out by dividing and then combining with other values to find […]

Reasoning problems in Year 3

Reasoning problems in Year 3 We have more requests for word problems/real life problems than any other area of maths and we have been really concentrating on these over the last few months. Our latest sets for Year 3 challenge children to work out the costs of buying tickets, clothes etc. taking advantage of various […]

Year 5 Reasoning: Day’s Out

Year 5 Reasoning: Day’s Out Appearances can be deceptive. Our latest Year 5 reasoning worksheets look incredibly simple – just one question on a page and plenty of graphics showing fun days out to the zoo, water park etc. In reality they require a great deal of work; for instance, to decide whether a 3 […]

Year 4 Reasoning About Number

Year 4 Reasoning About Number Reasoning in Mathematics is the in-phrase at the moment and we have just published some great resources for Year 4 children. These concentrate on reasoning about number and working with thousands. When first encountering a new problem children need to make use of the knowledge ambien no prescription they already […]

Year 3 Reasoning

Year 3 Reasoning The Reasoning categories are some of my favourite resources as they are all about putting mathematical knowledge and understanding to good use. Our latest resources for Year 3 Reasoning and Problem Solving include place value, number facts and money but there is a wealth of other material there and well worth a […]

Year 2 Reasoning worksheets

Year 2 Reasoning worksheets Logical thinking, experimenting, working in a systematic way, recording accurately and checking that results are correct are all essential parts of mathematics. We have just published further great pages on Reasoning for Year 2 which will cheap ambien international pharmacy need all of the above skills to be answered successfully. We […]

Year 1 Reasoning: sorting

Year 1 Reasoning: sorting As well as rapid recall of knowledge children are also expected to show that they can reason, generalise and justify answers. This, of course, takes a lot of practice and our most recent ambien online uk Year 1 pages on sorting are just the thing to help develop this. Children are […]

Year 1 Reasoning

Year 1 Reasoning One of my favourite types of activity: using a selection of number cards to answer ‘How many ways can you make ….. ?’ style questions. An important part of this is for children to describe in their own words what they are doing, how they can be certain they are correct, or […]