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Rounding large numbers

Rounding large numbers We have just added three more sets of worksheets on rounding large numbers, suitable for Year 5. The first two look at rounding numbers with 5 digits (including decimals) to the nearest 10 and 100. The third set looks at rounding the same 6-digit number to the nearest 100, 1 000 and […]

Rounding decimals and money in year 6

Rounding decimals and money in year 6 Our very latest sets of worksheets are for Year 6 and are all about rounding decimals and amounts of money. The first two sets look at rounding money to the nearest £10 and £1. e.g. round £574.56 to the nearest £10. These are probably easier than they first […]

Rounding and approximating answers

Rounding and approximating answers There is an emphasis on using large numbers in Years 5 and 6. For example, the new targets for Year 5 Number includes: •    round any number up to 1 000 000 to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10 000 and 100 000 Now this might sound fairly straightforward but for […]

Rounding numbers in Year 4

Rounding numbers in Year 4 There are lots of new number targets in Year 4, including rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000. The interesting thing about rounding is that the same number can be rounded up or down, depending on the degree of accuracy needed. For example: 5 455 is rounded up […]