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What’s new: Matching 3-D shapes (2)

It’s time to get all the boxes out and try to sort them into types depending on their shape. Much can be done at home to help with 3-D shape work and children love to play with empty boxes; the bigger the better. It’s well worth collecting a store of boxes and much discussion can […]

What’s new: Maths worksheets on 2D shape

The fifth set of worksheets on 2D shape reinforces the earlier pages, looking at rectangles, triangles and circles. Whilst using these pages it is important to keep naming the shapes as well as asking what makes them that shape, ie the properties of the shape. All triangles have 3 sides, all rectangles have 4 sides […]

What’s New: Matching 3D Shapes (1)

Interestingly, the Primary Framework for Mathematics believes that 3D shape should be taught at the same time, if not sooner than, 2D shape. The probable reason for this is that in real life children are coming across 3D shapes all the time and will only see 2D shape occasionally in a book, or maths sheet! […]

What’s New: Using 2D shape (4)

This is the next in our series of 2D shape sets of maths worksheets. In this set we look at recognising circles, triangles and squares and there is a great challenge to complete: draw a train using just rectangles, circles and squares. If you have plastic shapes available this could really be of help in […]

What’s New: Maths Worksheets on 2D Shapes (3)

Children soon become familiar with squares, triangles and circles. As well as looking at these 2D shapes, this set of worksheets also introduces other 4 sided shapes and ovals. You can be very creative with a set of shapes to draw round, making all sorts of pictures. Why not have a go? This is another […]

What’s new: Using 2D shape (2)

A great set of four worksheets helping with recognising rectangles, triangles and circles. It’s a help to have some templates of these shapes handy to draw round and create fun pictures of your own. The robot on page 4 is a good example of what can be produced. Talk about the shapes and the properties […]

What’s new: Recognising rectangles, squares, circles and triangles

The first in another new section of resources on 2-D shape. Here we have some great pages which will help your young child to recognise 2-D shapes. Your child should be able to recognise four basic shapes: circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. These maths worksheets have plenty of interesting pictures just made up of these […]

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