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Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction We have just added a superb collection of worksheets to our addition and subtraction categories for Years 1, 2 and 3. Year 1 subtraction includes investigative activities such as finding as many different calculations as possible from given numbers. In Year 2 we have concentrated on bar modelling and number lines to […]

Year 3 Subtraction

Year 3 Subtraction A question such as 102 – 95 is quite tricky to do on paper, but children should see that it is much easier to do mentally, using addition to work out the answer. By Year 3 they should know all the pairs of numbers that make ten so starting with 95 add […]

Subtracting mentally in Year 3

Subtracting mentally in Year 3 Mental arithmetic should still be a vital part of lessons for children in Year 3  and we have just published three new sets of worksheets on specific skills of subtraction. The first set takes a look at subtracting 9 from 3-digit numbers. Children should already be familiar with the idea […]

Year 6 Subtraction Updates

Year 6 Subtraction Updates We have just updated our Year 6 Subtraction worksheets, using a better font and a better layout. The Programme of Study concentrates on mental calculations and solving problems but there is no doubt that most children will continue to need to practise written methods, especially in the run up to the […]

Year 3 addition and subtraction – missing digits

Year 3 addition and subtraction – missing digits Children in Year 3 are now expected to add and subtract using the formal written method. An interesting way of looking at this is to show various calculations using the written method but have some of the digits missing. To be able to find the missing digits […]

Year 1 subtraction – intelligent practice

Year 1 subtraction – intelligent practice. Our recent ‘Addition – intelligent practice’ sets of worksheets have proved to be very popular and so we have moved forward the publication of a similar set of pages on subtraction. These are sets of four quick-fire mental questions which encourage children to think about the procedural operation of […]

Formal written addition and subtraction in Year 3

Formal written addition and subtraction in Year 3 By the end of Year 3 children are now expected to, ‘add and subtract numbers with up to three digits using formal written methods of columnar addition and subtraction’. Put simply, this means adding and subtracting in columns, very much as we were all taught to do […]

Year 2 subtracting

Year 2 subtracting multiples of 10 from 2-digit numbers Children are expected to make a great deal of progress with subtraction in Year 2, but care must be taken to ensure that this new work is built on solid foundations. At this age most subtraction will still be done orally. All kinds of opportunities arise […]

Year 5 mental subtraction

Year 5 mental subtraction A key aspect of subtraction in year 5 is to, ‘subtract numbers mentally with increasingly large numbers’. Of course, there comes a point where it is much more sensible to use written methods of subtraction, but it is surprising what can be achieved by calculating ‘in your buy ambien online india […]

Year 5 Addition and Subtraction Programme of Study (statutory requirements)

Addition and subtraction appear for the last time as a separate section in Year 5, showing the importance of being proficient with both by the end of the year. The statutory requirements concentrate on working with very large numbers, including over 4-digit numbers. Here is the full programme: Year 5 Addition and Subtraction Programme of […]

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