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Word problems in the KS2 Reasoning SAT Papers

Word problems in the KS2 Reasoning SAT Papers The new style KS2 SAT Reasoning Papers cover all aspects of maths, including calculating, but the questions on calculations are usually in the form of word problems. Children do find these harder than carrying out a straightforward number calculation, as they have to work out what to […]

Halving Word Problems

Halving: Word Problems – Year 2 Maths Worksheet

Another new maths worksheet for year 2. Covering halving, this time with word problems. Some of them are quite tricky and will need your full concentration! Overall a good fun worksheet set but quite a challenging one, so you will need a good knowledge of halves of small numbers! Get Halving Word Problems Worksheets

Two step word problems

Some children seem to get into a mind set where they think that an answer can always be worked out by carrying out just one task or operation. This is probably because nearly all early years addition, subtraction etc problems only involve one step. However, all these questions need two steps to work them out. […]