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What’s New: Counting patterns

Maths is all to do with pattern, whether it is shape or number. This week we have published a set of four worksheets on the patterns patterns made on a number square when counting on in threes, fours and fives. These pages can be found in our Counting and Number section of the Superbrain link. […]

Coming Soon: Our Great Farmyard Multiplication Game!

It may have been quiet on the site recently, but that is because we have all been far too busy playing our latest Multiplication game, seeing who can get the best scores for each animal! (Well, we have also been testing to make sure it all works properly!) Set in a farmyard there are five […]

What’s New: Multiplication in any order

Brand new this week is a set of pages on multiplication for our Superbrains! A vital part of understanding the process of multiplication is to know that it can be done in any order. This is also true of addition, but not of subtraction or division. These pages explain that ‘2 lots of 3’ is […]

What’s New: Ten Times Table

Here we have another in our series on multiplication and tables. This time we are looking at the ten times table. This is often thought of as the easiest table as the digits don’t change, but don’t get caught in the trap of telling your child that you ‘just add a nought’to multiply by ten. […]

What’s New: Two, five and ten times tables

Practice makes perfect, and this set of multiplication pages gives loads of practice for the 2x, 5x and 10x tables. This is the first time we have introduced the idea of filling in a multiplication grid, multiplying the numbers across and down to fill in the grid. The first time children come across this they […]

What’s New: Recognising halves

Halves are usually the first fraction which children come across and these four worksheets look at how to colour or divide shapes into half. They have been designed so that it can be seen that a shape can be divided in half in a number of different ways: the important mathematical concept is that each […]

What’s New: Five times table

Once the two times table and ten times table have been learned the next easiest is probably the five times table. Practice first of all with counting up in fives, starting from zero. Then move on to saying the whole table in words. remember to say, ‘One five is five, two fives are ten’ etc […]

What’s New: Using the vocabulary of position

These four maths worksheets are all about learning the vocabulary of position, including on, above and under. Reception teachers will tell you that there are a good number of children who are not at all sure what these terms mean when they come into school, but I am sure that any parent who is looking […]