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What’s New: Measurement, longer and shorter

Whether it is snakes, ladders or trousers, there are plenty of opportunities on these worksheets to use the language of measurement, in this case, longer and shorter. Being able to correctly compare different lengths is vital before actual measurement using standard units is introduced later. Use these pages as a starting point for comparing lengths […]

Extra resources: Blank clock faces

As suggested by several of our members, including Anne and Bev, here are two pages of blank clock faces. These are ideal for helping with telling the time. Remember, with young children, start by just showing the time to the whole hour and then move on to showing half hours. Ask your child what time […]

What’s New? Maths Worksheets on Adding 3 Numbers

This is the second set of maths worksheets on adding 3 small numbers. These are harder and need a different approach to the first set because a number has to be put in to make the number sentences correct. For example 2 + ? + 7 = 13 There are a number of different ways […]

Read the time to the half hour.

Anne from Grimsby and Bev from Aldershot have both asked if we could make some more pages on time. So it was straight down to the depths of the creative pool where our turtles leapt at the chance of coming up with some more time worksheets. Here we have four worksheets on reading the time […]

New Activity Count On In Ones Up To 9

Stretch your brain by counting all the way up to 9 in this lorry themed counting activity. Slide the next two numbers in the sequence onto the empty lorries and see if you are correct. A great maths game to help with counting on from numbers other than one. Play the Count On In Ones […]

New Activity Ordering Numbers Up To 9

Ordering numbers can be difficult to get to grips with so we made this maths activity to help you make it fun! You click on the numbered scrolls from lowest to highest. Be careful though as there may be gaps in the numbers! Play the Ordering Numbers Up To 9 maths activity in the URBrainy […]

New Activity Writing Numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0

An extension to the current writing number activity, now with the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0. This gives you a quick way to show how the numbers are written to your child and goes particularly well with the other writing numbers as digits worksheets. Play the Writing Numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and […]

New Pairs Matching Numbers Activity

This is a great activity allowing your child to play the classic pairs game whilst also practicing their maths. When clicking on the parachutists, a number of planes appear below and you have to find the matching set. This maths game encourages careful counting and a good memory! Play the Matching Numbers maths activity in […]

What’s new: Worksheets on sharing between two

The very first in our division worksheets, found in the ‘Superbrains’ section. These four pages look at division as sharing equally. It’s a great idea to do lots of this practically, sharing out sweets, cards, buttons etc and is best done on a ‘one for you, one for me’ basis to begin with. There is […]

What’s New? Telling the Time (1)

Telling the time is one of those benchmarks which many parents use to judge how well their children are doing. In fact, many children find time a difficult concept and with the use of digital watches, mobile phones etc they come across the traditional clock face less and less. This set of maths worksheets is […]